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Milestone Goals
1 Milestone Goals
Keeping the lights turned on, etc..
$4,000 per Month of Acronym TV videos
Eventually, we will need about $12,000/ month to keep producing these full in studio episodes of Acronym TV. For now, we need $4,000/ a month to survive. 

Everyone who works on Acronym TV is compensated.  Not enough, mind you, but they are compensated. 
We need a small crew to pull this off, and paying that crew gives the work dignity, purpose and helps make it sustainable. So, these goals represents the bare minimum to compensate for time, talent and resources to write, edit, produce, and promote Acronym TV.

Goal 1 
Keeping the lights turned on. Basic stuff like studio space, Internet, web hosting, and also maintenance and/or purchase of video, audio, and lighting equipment.  Not all of these costs incur every month, so this goal represents our annual budget for the above-mentioned items divided by 12.
Part time staffer
$6,000 per Month of Acronym TV videos
Meeting this goal funds a part time (20 hrs per week) video editor, AND allows Acronym TV to meet the financial obligations outlined in goals 1.

Once we meet this goal, we can start to think about adding more goals until we reach the sustainability mark of $12,000/ month.


I'm a writer, filmmaker,  and activist.
I produce and host videos at Acronym TV and the Resistance Report

My documentary on the Occupy Movement, 
American Autumn: an occudoc, premiered in June, 2012 to critical acclaim.


Groton, MA, USA

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You will find some recent examples of Acronym TV below. 

We are independently produced & Individually supported. Thank you for donating. 

Acronym TV - Coverage of the People's Climate March and Flood Wall Street

Acronym TV- Dispatch from #FloodWallStreet

Alyona Minkovski on supporting Acronym TV

ABOUT ACRONYM TV with Dennis Trainor, Jr.
Dennis Trainor, Jr. hosts Acronym TV, a weekly series of dialogue, conversation and debate with the goal of helping viewers sort through these transformative times through the insight of leading activists, artists, journalists, philosophers, scholars, and thinkers. Acronym TV's growing YouTube subscriber base of 32 thousand has generated over 30 million views, and is part of The Young Turks Network, the largest online news source in the world.
Acronym TV, because you stand for something.

Acronym TV will air on Free Speech TV. FSTV is currently available in 37 million homes nationwide, airing on DISH Network (9415), DIRECTV (348), and Burlington Telecom (122) and streams all programs live at

Dennis Trainor, Jr. is a writer, host and producer. His documentary on the Occupy movement, American Autumn: an Occudoc, garnered critical praise from The New York Times, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and more. He also wrote and directed Legalize Democracy, a documentary short about the Movement To Amend the Constitution. Trainor was an embedded YouTube personality/media advisor on the staff of Dennis Kucinich’s 2008 presidential campaign and his work is regularly published on The Huffington Post, Truth Out, The Real New Network, Popular Resistance and several others. Recent interview guests on the program include Medea Benjamin, Pamela Brown, Tim DeChristopher, Phil Donahue, Kevin Gosztola, Alexa O’Brien, Christopher Hedges, Jill Stein, Ann Wright, Kevin Zeese, and many others.

Lee Camp on supporting Acronym TV:

Here are some examples of Acronym TV at work- 

A Full 30-minute Acronym TV

Commentary/ Analysis:

I am active on the social networks and make every effort to respond to every @ mentions on 

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