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I draw silly pictures on the internet

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2 Milestone Goals
Ask Chef Brian
$4,000 per month
I will bring back Chef Brian. Once a month, I will take a question from one of my Patrons, and Chef Brian will answer it in comic form.
Additional Patron Comic!
$5,000 per month
If we hit this goal, all of my Patrons will get an exclusive Ethan and Lucas/Analog and D-Pad comic strip each month.

This comic strip will take place within their new universe, and will be a gag comic, or a "one-shot." In other words, it will be canon, but will not directly influence the plot of the comic book issues in any major way.
Two Additional Patron Comics!
$6,000 per month
If we reach $6000, Patrons will receive two exclusive Ethan and Lucas/Analog and D-Pad comic strips each month!

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I've been a cartoonist for going on twelve years now. Through my website, Ctrl+Alt+Del, I post comics mostly about gamers and gaming, but I'll do a comic about anything that catches my attention. I love to do storylines, and so occasionally I do those as well. Also, a lot of dick jokes.

Becoming a patron not only helps to support the comic itself and keep it running, but will also allow me to hire other talent like colorists so I can spend more time creating more new content.

Plus, you stand to get some awesome bonus stuff that you won't find anywhere else!

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