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Animator of Caprice, Latin Lover of Food, Friend to Man's Best Friend

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per animation video
Milestone Goals
Guaranteed 1 Comedy Animation Every Month
$3,000 per animation video
With this goal met, I can start to make YouTube animation my primary focus. I can guarantee a 2 minute comedy cartoon once a month!
Guaranteed 2 Uploads Per Month.
$5,000 per animation video
With this goal met, I can guarantee at least 2 video uploads a month. I used to keep up w/ this quota regularly by mixing in LIVE ACTION videos. I would love to get back into that rhythm with your help.
Animated Series Creation
$10,000 per animation video
I've always wanted to create an animated series, and with a sizable budget, I can hire on other animators and artists to help this become a reality.


Rodrigo Huerta is a former DreamWorks animator and Fox board director/writer. He now focuses on producing his own shorts and he also wears pants.


Burbank, CA, USA

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Hi all you fans of animated tom-foolery!
This is Rodrigo (AKA El-Cid)! I'm excited to be launching my new Patreon campaign! As some of you guys may or may not know, I love making cartoons, but it takes a little bit of blood and sweat to make these things happen, and YouTube revenue doesn't cut it for me to focus on this full time. But I want to make "Bambee 2"! And I want to make more parodies! And I want to make "Klaus Saves [insert holiday here]"! Batman is HUNGRY for crying out loud!
Hopefully, you guys can help. If I know I'll be getting a worthwhile return for all those frames I draw, I'll be happy to keep producing these. If you do decide to donate, please also pass this around. The more support, the more stuff you will see pumped out! 

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