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Milestone Goals
Player Of The Day
$1,000 per month
If we raise this amount it would allow me to hire someone just to take care of The Player Of The Day project on the Fastpitch TV Facebook Page, and more. You can see the page at
Remove Commercials
$6,000 per month
I have been asked many times to get rid of the commercials from the Fastpitch TV Show. Well now you can put your money where your mouth is! It cost money to produce all the shows. I can get that money from you, or from sponsored advertising. If this goal is reached all new episodes of the Fastpitch TV Show will be commercial free.
Upgrade To The Studio
$10,000 per month
I am in desperate need of more space! But to get there I need YOUR help! A bigger studio would allow me to launch additional shows and improve the ones I have. Won't you help me find a new home? If we reach this goal that can happen.
Add More Shows!
$20,000 per month
Reaching this goal  would allow me to hire help for editing, and other needed tasks. I could grow the network, and create so much more new programing with the new help. I could even improve my coverage of events like the Women's College World Series.


The Fastpitch Softball TV Network is a network of videos show, and blogs and they are all about the great sport of Fastpitch Softball. I travel all over the country filming clinics, and conferences for you. Then I distribute everything I film to you free of charge. I offer more free fastpitch training information than anyone on the planet.


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It takes an incredible amount of time, and money to create and distribute all the Fastpitch TV  videos and  blog articles each year, so here is an opportunity to show your support for all the videos, and blog posts I produce Free!  

For as little as $1 a month you can make a big difference. Thats right if all the fans gave just $1 a month we could do so much more.. I hope you consider becoming a backer. 

If you have never seen the Fastpitch TV Website go to http://Fastpitch.TV and take a look around at all the videos and blogs we produce.
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