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Dependable Updates
$1,500 per month
14 or more game reviews will be posted each month, and 4 or more guides. This funding level will allow us to offer contributors dependable compensation for the work they put into producing that content.
Competitive Rates
$3,000 per month
We'll be able to offer our writers more competitive rates, ensuring that we can work with the very brightest voices in the industry while also offering better opportunities to every contributor.
News Coverage
$4,500 per month
With this level of support, we'll be able to add regular news updates to the site (approximately 5 stories each weekday) while paying our news writers competitively. We can also bump up the minimum number of guides produced from 4 to 5.
Expanded Retro Coverage
$6,000 per month
We'll expand our retro coverage to include 20 retro reviews each month, for classic games other sites all too often ignore.
More Guides & News
$7,500 per month
We'll increase the minimum number of guides we produce each month to 8 and increase our news article output.
$9,000 per month
We'll produce a podcast, most weeks out of the year, as a thanks for your spectacular support, and will continue to use any available funds to offer better compensation to our writers and additional content.


HonestGamers is an independent video game reviews site focused on providing independent criticism for console, handheld, and PC games from the dawn of the medium and onward, all while fostering a mature community that facilitates intelligent discussion focused on games and reviews, without the fluff.

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HonestGamers (http://www.honestgamers.com/) is an independent game reviews site founded in 1998. We've been covering games for a long time, but to grow and thrive, we need your help. That's true of a lot of sites, publications and other content creators these days, but we hope you'll give us a chance now to tell you what we have to offer right now, and what we can do better with the resources you provide.

HonestGamers Right Now

Although you won't find us on Metacritic (at least not yet), we have covered thousands of games over the years. We've worked with some of the industry's leading critics, and our writers--typically working as unpaid volunteers--have gone on to produce content for the likes of GameSpot, IGN, GamesRadar, Joystiq, Eurogamer and plenty of sites in between.

We believe that game reviews should be written by people who love games, and who can contribute meaningfully to the discussion about what makes them tick. Our audience deserves to hear from people who respect gaming and who can write beautifully about the hobby we share.

We also love game guides. What better way is there to show your passion for games than to help other people enjoy them along with you? We've built a custom content management system that makes it easy for our writers to produce beautiful guides for old and new games that deserve them.

Here are just a few examples of some of the reviews and guides we have produced in the past.

Staff/Freelance reviews:
Dark Souls review by Jason Venter
Halo 4 review by Mike Suskie
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time review
by Jason Venter
Uncharted 3 review by Tom Chick
Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword review by Rob Zacny
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance by Kat Bailey
StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty by Troy Goodfellow
Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Burning Earth review by Danny Cowan
Dear Esther review by Andy Chalk

High-quality game guides:
Mega Man 2 guide by Jason Venter
Mega Man X3 guide by Rhody Tobin
Shovel Knight guide by Jason Venter
Watch Dogs guide by Jason Venter

You might not always agree with our writers and their opinions on games, but you can be confident that we're writing for the sake of our readers, not for ad dollars.

HonestGamers in the Future

This part is up to you. Without support, we'll continue to produce as much great content as we can, but the truth is that volunteers can only get a site so far. We have day jobs that prevent us from playing and writing about games as often as we would like, and that means less content for people to read, share and enjoy.

With enough support, we can greatly increase the number of games we review from month to month, the quantity of guides we produce for titles you love, and we can bring back news articles. If you show sufficient support to make all of the above possible, we're also prepared to try our hand at a podcast, as a show of our appreciation.

The Plan

In the interests of transparency, we'll finish up by outlining the path we have mapped out for the site's monthly coverage plans, in the event that enough of you can make a financial pledge. This is a long-term plan that will allow us to offer increasingly competitive compensation to our current and future contributors while ensuring that we are able to offer an expanding range of content. We hope you'll agree it makes a lot of sense.

If you have any questions, comments or ideas, please reach out (jason AT honestgamers DOT com) and we may be in touch. Thanks for your support!

At $1,500 level:
14 reviews * $50 = $700
4 guides * $200 = $800

At $3,000 level:
20 reviews * $100 = $2,000
4 guides * $250 = $1,000

At $4,500 level:
20 reviews * $100 = $2,000
100 articles * $10 = $1,000
5 guides * $300 = $1,500

At $6,000 level:
20 reviews * $125 = $2,500
100 news articles * $10 = $1,000
20 retro reviews * $50 = $1,000
5 guides * $300 = $1,500

At $7,500 level:
20 reviews * $125 = $2,500
120 news articles * $10 = $1,200
20 retro reviews * $50 = $1,000
8 guides * $350 = $2,800

At $9,000 level:
20 reviews * $150 = $3,000
120 news articles * $10 = $1,200
20 retro reviews * $75 = $1,500
8 guides * $400 = $3,200
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