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Livia Ching-Gerring primarily writes lyrical creative nonfiction essays and children's stories. Livia‚Äôs personal and professional writing has appeared in The Fempire (,Clean Sheets Magazine, the Open Process Series at Intersection for the Arts in San Francisco, Audrey Magazine, Beeswax Magazine, GamePro Magazine, Hyphen Magazine, Shonen Jump Magazine and others. She has won scholarships through the California College of the Arts and the 2008 Highlights Foundation Writers Workshop at Chautauqua, New York. She is currently in collaboration with illustrators on three book projects and is studying fine press techniques in which to publish erotica, experiences with narcissistic parents and literature for Generation X. 

Livia has previously held roles as Director of Client Services and Communications and Pursuits Strategist for large global firms and had a great stint as a manga editor after graduating from UCLA at two of the top publishers of Japanese comics for the American market, Viz Media and Tokyopop, where she met lifelong friends. Her heart lies in producing visually and lyrically beautiful stories for the tenderhearted set. She is married to an artist. 

Livia hopes you'll enjoy her stories as they are written for you.


Vallejo, CA, USA

I've had a lot of interest in this collection of essays that are now getting the illustration treatment. They have been written and rewritten over the course of eight years.

For those who have dealt with a death in the family, you'll want to check out my weekly updates as we get closer and closer to the last essay regarding how I lost my mom to breast cancer. The resulting graphic novel will include ten essays written in a lyrical style, with gorgeous quirky artwork.

My inspirations for this collection come from the voices of Anais Nin and Marguerite Duras - so there is a dreamy erotic-ness to much of the writing. Full disclosure: I do collaborate with illustrators of my choosing and will share their contact and website info with their permission. Illustration style will change from essay to essay, with some being illustrated by the same illustrator. Two essays have been published elsewhere. 

Funding will go towards the following:
- print costs
- author/illustrator hourly pay
- design of stickers
- design of mini zines
- shipping/mailing costs

The first five pages of the first essay have already been completed. I am seeking patronage for the remaining 95 pages which will unfold through the channels of Patreon with your help. 

An agent at a well-known YA publishing agency was very interested in the work but it has been hard to find a fit for it in traditional publishing houses. The last essay about my mother went through three editorial meetings at The Sun magazine before it was axed for being too diary-like. But I don't want to change a word of it. It's what I thought and felt while she whittled away into nothingness and when I finally lost her, well, I'm not able to express those feelings any other way.

Thus, here I am. I know this will be an amazing book. I believe you'll think so, too.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check me out! I promise you that the writing and the artwork are carefully curated. You'll want to have it in your alt lit library for decades to come.



P.S. After this book is finished, I have several children's stories that will follow and another collection of essays in the works.
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