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Funny, inspiring and addicted to crafting. I am told I'm a Cricut Guru.

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Milestone Goals
4 Milestone Goals
Bringing Crafts by Two with me to CHA
$2,100 per Month
I will pay for Crafts By Two to fly with me and they will attend the event also. The videos will be much more fun!
I will look into buying a Bed & Breakfast for Crafting.
$5,000 per Month
This will have to happen more than just 1 month, but all Patreons will get large discount to come stay with me. Maybe free once a year. Will offer week end giveaways to Patreons. You will be able to use my stuff. You can pack light!
USA Tour
$6,500 per Month
I will drive around the USA and stop to visit Patreons as I go.  Maybe do a video with you.


I am told I am talented, funny, inspiring, creative and some are addicted to me and my videos. I make tutorial videos with Polymer clay, paper crafting, home decor, painting, I have 4 Cricut Die cutting machines with over 150 cartridges and enough paper to last 3 lifetimes, paper is kind of addicting, or is it just me?.


Rochester, NY, USA
Kankakee, IL, USA

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Who is Melody Lane?

I create! I inspire! I enableI create 2 crafty tutorials video a week. Sometimes there are more videos related to crafting and shopping for crafts, and then there are also my vlogging videos 5 of those a week. I try to make some of those inspiring to make you a better/happier person. With a paid monthly subscription will see my videos 1 day earlier than non patrons.

Why is she using Patreon?

 With your support I would like to be able to show you more, I have so many ideas running through my brain, but don't have time or money for them all. With your support I will be able to spend more time making better quality videos. I will be able to do more shopping hauls and in return more giveaways, yes I just said giveaways, I love giving craft supplies away. Check out the rewards below, you can sign up and guarantee something sent to you, every month, from me. I welcome any reward suggestions also.

How Much do I donate?

You decide how much you want to give, as low as $1 a month. You are paying for a monthly subscription for my videos NOT per video as some do. I will only set 1 video a month to charge your subscription. Decide what reward you would like to help you answer this question for you.

Can I still watch your videos Free?

Yes, You can watch on Youtube for free, Please do not feel obligated to pay, this is only for people who want to give and want to receive the rewards.

Can I stop my subscription?

Yes, if you decide it's not for you anymore, or money is tight, please feel more than free to opt out. You can always come back later if you want. Or don't if you don't. I promise I will still like you just as much as I already do.

Why do you make videos?

 I am making these videos because I love to share my projects and teach with my tutorials. I am told by my subscribers I put a smile on their face everyday and I want to continue making people happy. The subscription will help me have more time towards my videos and crafts.

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