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I make a lot of music. Mostly with guitars.


Chicago, IL, USA

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By throwing me some loose change every time I upload a music video you can help me make them! (+ get song downloads & stuff!)

You can also set a monthly limit (even $1) and still get a song download every time I upload a video.

Here are the types of videos you will be helping to create:
Somewhere to Run To
Musical Mad Libs

I have been creating music/videos for a very long time. But my time spent on my life's passion of creating has always had to take a backseat to working a day job. I recently took the plunge, quit my job and am seeing if I can make creating things for the internet my full time job.

I usually upload a few times a month on my main channel (this doesn't include second channel videos or small production videos). And you can set a limit to how much your willing to give each month in case I go video-making crazy. You can also decide to stop being a patron at any time.

I am extremely grateful to those of you who allow me to continue creating.
Let's make awesome stuff!


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