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Howard is the creator, writer, and line-artist for Schlock Mercenary, the online comic strip found at Sandra Tayler handles the business side of things, beta-reads and edits the comic, and does layout for all the books. Travis Walton lays down all the digital colors, and isn't afraid to tell Howard when the lines aren't right. 

Schlock Mercenary is not a one-man show, but Howard stands out in front, and he owns the writhen mind and dry-wrung hands that wreak the merry havoc the comic strip presents to the reader.


Orem, UT, USA

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Schlock Mercenary updates every day, without fail, in full color. It's done so for over 14 years now, and we plan to keep putting it out there for free, every day.

Becoming a Schlock Mercenary patron will support Howard (and Sandra, and Travis!) in the ongoing creation of the comic. Patrons will get early access to pre-orders, some behind-the-scenes peeks at Howard's process, digital goodies, and can purchase convention exclusive merchandise without being at the convention.
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