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Milestone Goals
adobe subscription
$50 per Toy
I use Adobe software to make my toys and with this much funding a single toys each month will let me break even on this costly yet totally worth it expense.
Creative commons Rodent!
$300 per Toy
I will release the rodent templates used for my mouse toys under a creative commons license! Customize rodents to your heart's content.
Meeps artist series
$1,000 per Toy
I will commission a few artist to make meeps for a special artist series! probably once or twice a year.


I make Toys and Games, I love my cat and want to see the world.


Portland, OR, USA

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I am Tyler Tinsley I make paper toys and games and this is my paytreon.
Here you will find free original paper toys. Patreon is a way I can offer my toys for free while still having some great options for those who can support me. In the past I have  kickstarted a few projects and worked with some great book publishers. These have all been wonderful! With Paytreon can go back to publishing paper toys for free. My patrons will get early access and exclusive content, options to have die cut toys mailed to their home and an opportunity to sponsor the free editions of paper toys.

In addition to paper toys I will be offering free print in play games, these will always be free content and will not be a part of the patreon reward program. Instead this site will serve to incubate these games and the most popular will head to kickstarter to be published as deluxe editions.
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