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At $600 per month, I'm able to be fully supported by my work. That means I'll be making free games and weird trippy interactive experiences until the end of time itself!


radical goth lady making games † mac and cheese enthusiast † creator of What Now? †


Toronto, ON, Canada

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I'm Arielle Grimes and I am a trans feminist dolphin loving rock 'n' rolla currently stationed in Toronto.

My focus is interactive art created  via the platform of video games. Video games are the most immersive form of media in our society, and there is no better way to touch the hearts of people. I wish to create games that challenge the individuals expectations, and express deep personal issues and topics. I wish is to scorch the earth of the industry, and change definitions.

The freedom patreon can grant to the content creator is astonishing. My goal is to eventually have enough support through my lovely patreon patrons, to focus 100% of my time and energy on developing and interactive art+literature through video games. 

 As a trans woman many work environments are toxic and unsafe. Avoiding the stress and waste of a toxic work environment and instead live off of my passion, would be absolute perfection. To achieve that goal, would mean the world to me.

Thank you.
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