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Milestone Goals
Persoanl self-worth
$73 per piece of (good) writing.
I'm assuming this will always be in dollars, but regardless; with this type of cash I'll be able to buy all the fags and booze (and games) which provide me with the inspiration to create the critical gems I've thus far produced.
Filthy money
$74 per piece of (good) writing.
Any monies above my arbitrary $73 an article budget will be spent on more reckless activities. Large investments come with the option of choosing that pastime, while medium ones are simply lost forever. Cheers.
Idaho-based retreat compound fund
$10,000 per piece of (good) writing.
Once I'm making ridiculous quantities of money I'll plough it all back into a communal living project in the mountains of Idaho. Literally anyone who has contributed to my writing will be invited to live a conservative and thrifty - yet entirely free - life with me in a gated/patrolled/guarded compound setting. We'll sing songs, develop and adhere to strict doctrines and generally become one with right-wing politics and nature in equal measure.
As of this writing I'm not planning on a mass-suicide, though that may change in the future: please bear this in mind when choosing a sum to donate.


London, UK
I write about the video games that I play. Sometimes I'd write that sentence as "I write about the video games wot I play", because I'm from the north of England and feel an unquenchable need to make everyone aware of that. It might be because I live in London now.

If you like colloquialisms and dialect quirks to litter what you read then I'm almost certainly going to be good for you. I tackle my subjects with an irreverent glee and continually enjoy finding the culturally-significant beating heart of a game. Some of my previous 'hot-topic' home runs have thus far been (in no particular order):

* Discovering the true meaning of The Bureau's chest-high walls.
* Interviewing a man who helped make the universally-disliked Damnation.
Having a frank and honest conversation with a young me about Postal 2.
* Exploring the moral implications of being a corporate despot in Game Dev Story.
Calling the Silent Hill series tired and old (which had genuinely never been done at that point).
Berating Darksiders II on (darksiders) 2 separate occasions while still being in love with it.
* Calling microtransactions a legitimate game mechanic.
* Drunkenly advocating a disgusting level of violence in games to 'make you think'. 
I hope you're somewhat excited by that tantalising list of insightful beauties; at least one of them should nourish you intellectually and spiritually, hopefully a few of them will hit your mark. There's such a rich variety of topics up there because I make sure I write something about every game my hands caress. This can sometimes prove costly both financially and temporally (I've written about that, too). That's why I'm here on the Internet with my digital cap in hand like a twenty-first century Gilbert O'Sullivan. With your generous donations I would be able to supplement my meagre income and purchase games in a more timely manner, rather than shoplifting them as I do now. It would also legitimise the endeavour to my live-in partner, who at the minute still doesn't see much value in me writing about games.      

Help me to enrich all of our lives.
I'm greatly grateful for your potential patr(e)onage. I actually mean that as well.

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