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I love telling stories. They're mostly really strange.

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Milestone Goals
Jim's House
$650 per video
When we reach this goal, we will enter production on Jim's House, a chat show web series I've been planning for a while. It will feature guests you know (and some you don't) talking about great things and having fun. It will get it's own website and be aired completely ad-free.
Best Christians Ever
$1,000 per video
When this goal is reached, we can enter production on Best Christians Ever, an animated web series following the misadventures of Quincy & Boyd, detective extraordinaires who are also ordained members of the clergy. It will get it's own website too, where it will be available ad-free, with a blog and extra content.
$1,600 per video
When we bust this goal open, we will officially start production on BROX, my super-baby. It's a mystery-noir-comedy-scifi that tells the story of two misfits who wake up with no memory of who they are. Alongside an 8-episode series, you can explore the world yourself! Parts of the series are formatted as an old school point-and-click adventure game.


I don't like animals. I'm good with kids. I eat a lot of protein.


United Kingdom

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Current Goal: Jim's House (working title)
When we hit our first milestone, production will start on this series.

I make sketch comedy, short films and web series, and if you like what I do you can help fund me.
As a filmmaker you don't want anything getting in the way of your awesome ideas. Patreon gives me a bigger budget for everything I make.

'Where does my money go?'
Props, costume, hiring actors, hiring venues and locations, travel, food on set, licensing or commissioning original music.
'What do I get?'
Funny, gorgeous videos more regularly (max: 1 per week) that make you laugh (and cry), starring amazing talent and filmed by the best. As patrons, you will have access to a private feed of behind-the-scenes content, downloads and more…
'But you make LOTS of videos!'
That is true, but I won't post everything I make as a paid post. Only sketches, episodes of series, short films and music videos are paid posts. Not video blogs.

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Everyone who joins in is also just a cool person. Thank you for watching, sharing and getting stuck in!
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