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I have this weird hobby where I steal money from the internet.


Porvoo, Finland

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I create a comic called Gone with the Blastwave.

So here is my latest cash grab scheme. A service that lets you pay me for doing what I'm already doing! Though it's not like I'm holding the comic hostage or anything.

The idea is that you make a vague promise to give me money if I make a new page of the comic. If you don't like the page I made (Or I don't make a new page), or you just wanna mess with my head... You can modify/cancel your pledges anytime. And at the end of the month it asks you if you're sure you wanna give me some money. There's even a way to limit what you're willing to spend per month.

Blastwave updates will happen normally, which is whenever I feel like it. Being promised a ton of cash if I do make a page helps with new pages being produced. Technically patreon donations mean monthly updates. But more donations might mean even more pages!

Super awesome fan tier: For 1 dollar you support the comic and get to feel slightly betrayed when the new page ends up sucking! You also get some random extras sometimes.

Extra fan extra content tier: For 5 dollars (or above) you get an extra comic page. This can be either GWTB 250k, Green Army or GWTB Legends page. But most ofthen it is a page of a blastwave spinoff comic called 'Wasted People'.

Crazy person tier: For 80 dollars you get... um... Something? I don't really know.
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