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making is awesome and so can you!

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per instructional video
Milestone Goals
Space on Vimeo for More Videos
$20 per instructional video
Currently, I use the free version of Vimeo to host instructional videos. This allows me to store 500MB of video each week. Once in a while, I have to wait a week before I can publish two videos in a row. If I achieve this goal, I will be able to pay for a Vimeo "Pro" account and publish videos more frequently.
Get a Camera Operator
$100 per instructional video
If I can reach a support level of $100 per video, I'll be able to pay someone to film the projects and instructional videos I make. The quality will be so amaze! Your brain will practically download information, it'll be faster than 5G wireless!
Regular Production
$500 per instructional video
I'm doing this because I love teaching and I love helping people learn about making. I'll make videos when I can. But if there's enough support out there, I'd be totally happy to make these more regularly. Like once or twice per month! $500 per video would mean I can take this seriously as a source of income, which means more time devoted to making projects and sharing videos of what you might like to build.


Chicago, IL, USA
Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Rock Creek, BC V0H, Canada

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In our era, we have the ability to create like no generation before us. The tools we need are affordable and available at makerspaces around the world, and the information that fuels creativity is amplified by the internet. I'm making videos to help you learn about these tools and ideas, and I'm starting with my local makerspace in Salt Lake City.
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