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Hi, I'm Kris Straub and we're doing a lot of cool things

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But In The Dead of Night
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All backers will get receive a digital copy of my expanded dream journal, But In The Dead of Night!
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For a long time I had the thought that Chainsawsuit could work more like a blogroll -- when news breaks and I have a idea, I'll draw it and post it ASAP. You'll still get at minimum 5 comics per week, but I can now post multiple comics per day.


Cartoonist and freelance creator since 2000. 


Seattle, WA, USA

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I'm a cartoonist, and I've been making free comics like Chainsawsuit, Broodhollow and Starslip -- and stories like Candle Cove -- along with lots of video, animation, podcasts and other content for the last 14 years. My work belongs on the web -- no other medium can support the variety of content I make. I'm grateful I've been able to do it for so long!

Everything I do is free to read online every single day. And what I want to do is produce even more. By becoming a patron, you help me focus on making content. Thanks! 
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