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attending and giving talks on computer science, game design, and culture

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Milestone Goals
AdaCamp, INT, and Strange Loop
$310 per month
This goal will (probably) cover the conferences I have already committed to attending this year.
4 conferences per year
$460 per month
This goal should in general allow for me to attend 4 conferences in a year.


Ph.D. student at CMU working on programming languages for the creation of digital arts.


Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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I am using Patreon to fund my attendance at conferences in the spheres of computer science, games, and culture, and provide content and value to other conferencegoers.

If I am speaking at a conference, I'll make my slides available. I also make full illustrated travelogues of my experience, including sketchnotes of talks, which I will post online.

Conferences for 2014 that I plan to cover through crowdfunding include (INT)7, AdaCamp, and Strange Loop.

A domestic (U.S.) conference's cost varies between about $550 to $2200, depending on cost for registration, transportation options, whether there are any decent cheap accommodations nearby, and meal coverage. That breaks down as:

- $300-$600: travel and transit
- $0 - $500: registration
- $200 - $1000: accommodations
- $50 - $100: meals

The average of these quantities is $1375. That means every $115/month gets me about 1 conference. Funding goals will be based on that unit.

Thank you so much for your support!!!
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