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I am a vegan author, speaker, and educator. Everything I do, I do for the animals - human and non-human.

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A thought leader on the topics of food ethics and animal protection Colleen Patrick-Goudreau is a bestselling author of six books, she is the host and producer of the life-changing podcast Food for Thought; and she delivers inspiring lectures around the country. With a command of traditional and new media, Colleen is the creator of the popular online multimedia program, The 30-Day Vegan Challenge. Colleen has appeared on the Food Network and PBS and is a regular contributor to National Public Radio.


Oakland, CA, USA

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Changing hearts and minds. Saving lives. I don't take this lightly!
For over 15 years, I've been dedicated to giving people the tools and resources they need to reflect their values of compassion and wellness in their every day lives. I'm so grateful for the number of people I've been able to touch through my work. I receive countless emails from people who tell me it has changed their lives and leaves them feeling empowered, supported, motivated, and inspired.

What does it mean to be a "Patron"?
There was a time long ago when whoever wanted to get their work out in the world had to rely on one single person to support and champion their work – a patron who was very wealthy and often of the nobility. I don’t have a single, wealthy, nobleman as my patron - not because I don't know any (I don't), but because I have you. You are my champion. I’ve been creating content for years, and you’ve been supporting it. You are my patron.

What can I do with your Patronage? Everything.
Your support makes it possible for me to continue creating content that makes a difference in the world; it keeps the podcast free for everyone who listens, and it enables me to be an effective voice for animals. If you value my dedication and proven success, do you have fifteen cents a day to spare? Because that's what $5/month amounts to. Thirty-three cents a day is $10/month. $1.66 a day is $50/month. It's only $3.00 a day for $100/month. When you break it down, you can see how much you can help me accomplish for a few pennies or dollars a day.

How do YOU benefit from becoming my Patron?
In addition to taking pride in supporting something you believe in that is changing lives, you also enjoy some great rewards in return (see below) -- rewards that not will not only (hopefully) bring you pleasure but that also invest you in your patronage. As a patron, you are truly an insider. You connect with me directly. You have access to what I create before anyone else does. You are fully vested.

If you can’t give at all, it’s okay. There are lots of other ways to support my work, including spreading the word about my books, podcast, and website; encouraging people to connect with me on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram

Whatever you do, I’m immensely grateful, and I will continue doing everything I can to be the best ambassador of compassion I can be. For the animals, thank you for helping me help people manifest their values of compassion and wellness in their every day lives.
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