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Super Mario Last of Us
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The Mushroom Kingdom, beset by spores of a fungus that turn the inhabitants to raging zombies. An old grizzled Mario must lead humanity's only hope - a young Daisy - through the post-apocalyptic land. We hit this milestone, and we can bring the toadstool clickers to life!


Crazy action and visual fx? Heck yeah.


Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Who We Are.
Corridor Digital is a small team of Internet-video creators, led by directors Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer and produced by Jake Watson.  We specialize in dreaming up sci-fi, action, and video game-inspired YouTube videos, jam-packed with stunning VFX and movie-like cinematography. 

Why We Need Your Help.
Making YouTube videos is a full-time job for us.  Everyday we are developing, shooting, and editing videos so that you (The Fans!) can watch them for free.  While we do receive a modest revenue for making YouTube videos, this money goes directly back into running our small production company.

Even though we've become specialists at "making cinema quality videos on a low budget," having little to no money for a "production budget" when approaching videos ultimately creates significant creative limitations. 

It's pretty simple really: by giving your support through Patreon, we can deliver on hundreds of creative ideas we've been forced to forego due to high production costs associated with things like locations, known actors, and cinema-quality equipment.  So, providing your support means you get to see more content of the highest quality coming from us, while we get the creative satisfaction of giving to you previously impossible-to-execute videos.

What You Get.
As a Patron you'll receive many exclusive bonuses PER VIDEO unavailable to the public. See below for details!

Video Milestones
These goals are ones which we've been developing for a while, but need funds to realize them. So what happens until we reach those milestones? We are constantly developing other projects as well, ones like World War: Solid, Portal, Slender Man, Dubstep Guns II, and your contributions will be directed to them. They will be added as milestones once they approach a state where we can be ready to execute them - some close, some far. Each project requires time, resources, and the right people to make them a reality.

This year we're working on a TON of amazing projects for you guys. Some short-form… some long-form… We're planning on releasing one amazing, action-packed video a month this year!

Thank you for your support, and above all, thanks for watching!
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