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The cosplay community get the documentary series it deserves - The Daily Dot

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Milestone Goals
Cosplay Boom The Series Continues
$1,000 per month
This money will go to sending us to more conventions to interview more increidbly talented cosplayers around the world.
Live Show
$2,000 per month
That's right! We want to do a live show about Cosplay as we attend conventions and from right here in the Northwest with guests from all over the world.
Cosplay Boom The Book
$4,000 per month
We get to work on Cosplay Boom the book which will be filled with photos and behind-the-scenes tidbits about the show... but mostly photos from the series :)
Cosplay Boom International
$5,000 per month
We start traveling overseas to meet and interview cosplayers and cover events from around the world. Video interview booth for interviewing cosplayers and for meeting fans and supporters of the project at conventions around the world.
Social Network
$7,000 per month
We create the best cosplay news site and social network in the world that puts the power into the hands of the cosplayers.
Cosplay App
$10,000 per month
We make an app for your phones and tablets updating you with all the new photos, news and events you need. We can finally make Cosplay Boom The Series, website, social network and app one giant awesome experience.
Cosplay Boom Expo
$15,000 per month
We aren't messing around. We want to create an expo centered around cosplayers and the cosplay community and the nerdy things we all love.


Todd Kenreck – Director, Producer & Cinematographer
I’m Todd Kenreck, the director and cinematographer for the Cosplay Boom project. For seven years I covered cosplay, video games, comics and nerd culture as a reporter at and with my work also appearing on sites such as and The Penny Arcade Report. Cosplay has always been a favorite topic of mine because of how passionate and talented everyone in the cosplay community is. To this day, this remains one of my favorite videos of my career:

Meagan Sadler - Executive Producer
Producer Meagan Sadler has been a professional graphic designer and photo retoucher for over 12 years. (Chances are you’ve seen her work and never even knew it.) Meagan is an avid cosplayer herself and has a passion for cosplay still photography and for composing digital music for cosplay video pieces.

She is the person who brings all the pieces together here at Cosplay Boom with both her dedication and her irrepressible love for cosplay.


Seattle, WA, USA
Portland, OR, USA

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  • 'Cosplay Boom' is everything 'Heroes of Cosplay' should have been - Nerd Bastards
  • The cosplay community get the documentary series it deserves - The Daily Dot
  • This is a must watch for anyone who enjoys cosplay - Geek Tryrant
Cosplay Boom is a video channel, news website and social network that follows the true story of cosplay with over 250+ videos and hundreds of blog articles a year including daily cosplayer spotlights, full episodes, music videos, tutorials, events and more.
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Why We Need Your Help.
Making YouTube videos is a full-time job for us. Everyday we are developing, shooting, and editing videos so that you (The Fans!) can watch them for free. We make virtually no money off ad revenue. The amount you see on Patreon is the amount we earn a month before taxes, equipment costs, software subscriptions, travel expenses and rentals. We do this because we love it and we hope you love it too.

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Patreon is a subscription based tip jar that allows you to give a small amount every month rather than one large sum and you can cancel those tips at anytime.

Patreon will not only allow us to reach our stretch goals, attend more conventions, interview more cosplayers and improve the quality of our videos, but it will back the Cosplay Boom news site and social network. We want to be the best website and video channel out there for all things cosplay and we ultimately want to be ad free and DRM free too.


Cosplayers have an incredible amount of enthusiasm and artistic talent and we want to meet that same passion half way with a great cosplay news site, video channel and social network.

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