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As one of the web's oldest curators of games writing, Critical Distance needs your help to continue to preserve and promote valuable analysis and discussion about games.

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Critical Distance is one of the web's longest-running curatorial outfits dedicated to the elevation and preservation of important games criticism, analysis and commentary.

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(Lighthouse image: Dear Esther by The Chinese Room.)

Has anyone in your social circle ever wondered aloud "where is all the good writing about videogames?" Have you ever gone in search for blogs or forums where the art and design of games was discussed and dissected, and didn't have any idea of where to start?

Critical Distance is that starting place.

Critical Distance
is the web's foremost resource for the ongoing discourse of games writing. Founded by Ben Abraham in 2009, its weekly This Week in Videogame Blogging roundups are syndicated on Gamasutra, while its Critical Compilation and Spotlight features serve as valuable resources on the best of the best writing on games. This is not about reviews and metacritic scores; this is about highlighting the thinkers and doers who elevate games to new critical heights within our culture.

Since taking over as head curator in 2011, it has been Kris Ligman's goal to grow Critical Distance into the definitive resource for games writing, including building a persistent archive, wiki, and cross-referencing system. For various reasons, all of these projects have had to go on the back burner, largely because of their day job and the cost of basic living and medical expenses.

This is where you come in. Your contribution will allow Critical Distance's senior staff to keep their heads above water financially and to keep the site moving. The more we raise, the more we can build out Critical Distance into a real public trust.

Already we've launched a new monthly podcast, a This Month in Let's Plays feature, and have started making inroads on our archival projects, but without full time commitment, the pace at which these things grow will be slow at best. Your help accelerates all the good we're able to do.

Your contributions will go toward the following, in order of priority:

-Domain and server upkeep (a minimal expense, but a priority).
-Living expenses.
-Paying contributors.
-Digital expansion projects (more features, tagging system, archival resources).
-Print anthology (about which we'll hopefully be able to share more soon).

The more you are able to contribute, the more time and energy we are able to pour into Critical Distance. This includes front-end operations – writing This Week in Videogame Blogging and producing our other features – and back-end operations like coordinating schedules, working with our foreign language correspondents, building cool things, and so on.

Why This Is Important

Having a healthy critical discourse for an increasingly popular pastime like games helps to further establish them in our cultural landscape. Most of games writing is routinely denigrated as consumer-minded and disposable, so it's very easy for these pieces – as well as non-written criticism such as podcasts and videos – to become forgotten or lost. Even in the last few years, large amounts of outstanding games analysis and commentary has disappeared from the Internet.

While it may seem small, the hard work of these writers, scholars and artists is well worth preserving. Since 2009, Critical Distance has served as the foremost publication for casting a spotlight on this work. With your help, we'll be able to both maintain our (totally free, non-profit) publications as well as expand our resources and outreach.

  We hope that you'll to join us!
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