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Milestone Goals
4 Milestone Goals
Geekdays in the Geekends!
$300 per month
We'll be adding a Saturday show to the Geekdays roster.
The Numbers
$333 per month
Once we reach this goal, we'll be launching a new show focusing on money, stock markets and finance news. The ambition is to publish two episodes a week.
Buy a professional mic and preamp setup for all of our cohosts
$500 per month
We'll have what it takes to supply every single one of our co-hosts with a professional home studio setup. Audio quality will shoot through the roof and your listening pleasure will be that much greater.
Live streams are coming back!
$718 per month
Running a live stream, which we did in the early days of the network, was an expensive and often complicated arrangement. However; if we are up on $718 per month (Yes, exactly that number. Not a dollar less!) that will no longer be a problem. We'll be able to have a live broadcast of the shows as they're being recorded (where applicable) and might even throw in a couple of live streams with webcam video of the hosts as they're recording their shows!
Breki's Bumbling Banalities!
$1,000 per month
Breki will launch a solo show - "Breki's Bumbling Banalities" or something similar - where he updates the listeners about various behind-the-scenes activities at the CSICON Network, random thoughts regarding content creation and creativity and being productive and efficient in the digital age. Expect an unfiltered stream of consciousness published on irregular intervals.
Free movies!
$1,250 per month
Once we reach this level, for every episode of Movieing On that we publish, we will be giving away a free DVD or Blu-Ray to one of our listeners! The movie, of course, will be next week's film.
We'll buy a planet!
$2,000 per month
We kid you not. We're going to buy a planet. Or at least name one. Somewhere. Possibly a star. Or a comet. Maybe a sattelite. We'll figure it out when we get there. A heavenly body, at least.
Everybody gets paid!
$2,500 per month
We will start paying all the hosts on the CSICON Network for their hard work and perserverance. It's going to be a modest sum initially, but considering the amount of hosts and the sheer amount of episodes we publish every week, it's still a pretty good start.
Half the advertisements!
$3,000 per month
We'll cut the amount of advertising we do on the network in half.
Full Time for Breki
$5,000 per month
Breki can leave his day job to focus on CSICON and its business development full time. This will mean many new podcasts, many new events, and lots of great new content!
No more ads!
$6,000 per month
We'll remove all advertisements from the podcasting network, keeping only the ones we've made a prior commitment to until that commitment expires.
$7,500 per month
Since people obviously can't get enough of us, we'll be launching a television network alongside the podcasting network. New shows, new hosts, new territories to conquer.


I'm Breki, the guy behind the scenes over at CSICON.



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I'm Breki Tomasson; the founder of CSICON, the Home of Geek Culture, where we host and publish a bunch of great of shows.

One of the founding principles of CSICON was to make content of the best quality, and that's where you can help us out. We want to try to avoid having to rely on sponsors that may affect the integrity of our shows and instead rely on a model where our listeners pitch in with what they can do to help. 

If every one of our listeners donated just $5 per month, we would be able to work full time with this and create so much more great content with far higher quality and scope than we do today. It would mean we could focus on CSICON instead of having it as a hobby on the side. 

We have some of the most generous fans out there, and are extremely happy for what we're already getting. CSICON wouldn't be what it is today without your support, and we truly appreciate your donation, no matter what the size.
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