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Able to bring in a second writer to help offset my other writing duties and keep this site fully updated.
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Able to bring in more special guest writers and bring in unique, one of a kind essays from some of the best names in atheism
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I will be able to make this blog my main writing project, devoting almost all my time to it while still bringing in awesome guests.
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This blog will be my full time job and allow me to devote more time to working on books and giving talks around the country


Dan Arel is a freelance writer who writes Op-Ed pieces for Salon, AlterNet and The Huffington Post. He is also a Special Correspondent for American Atheists, has a column called Danthropology in American Atheists Magazine and has also contributed to The Richard Dawkins Foundation. He writes on atheism, religion, science and politics.

Dan's book Parenting Without God, How to Raise Moral, Ethical and Intelligent Children, Free from Religious Dogma will be out in late 2014 on Dangerous Little Books.


San Diego, CA, USA

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Thank you for visiting my Patreon. This is set up exclusively for my Patheos blog Danthropology. What I am looking for is money to help make this site the best site it can be. With your donation I will be able to bring in new writers to help keep the site fresh and unique, but will also allow me to devote even more time to it and help make it the site readers want.

My first few goals center around building the site up instead of funding me personally I want these donations to go into growing the site, and I hope later to be able to make this blog a full-time project for myself and a select group of writers.

The Goals:


I will be able to bring in a handful of new writers to write pieces on different subjects and able to offer them a nominal fee for their work. I would like to have a few unique voices on the site to give different perspectives on issues.


Not only will be I be able to pay those same handful of writers, but I will be able to bring in a few bigger names for guest pieces on a monthly basis. I hope to offer a space for prominent writers to tackle topics they may not be able to address on their regular columns.


I write for a lot of sites and it takes a lot of time and takes time away from projects like this blog that I would love to focus on more. At this goal level, I will be able to make writing for this blog my main gig and some of my favorite pieces I sell to other sites can find a home here, where I have more creative control.


Danthropology becomes my full time job. Any writing I do outside of it will be for pure leisure, and to help spread a message to others outside of my blog network, but also at this price level, I am able to comfortably pay other writers so I can free up some time I did not have before to write another book, speak at more conferences and travel the US (and maybe the world) speaking at local events.

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