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Small victories.

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My main goal in raising funds is simply to be able to make enough money to afford a roof over my head and food for me and my cats so I can spend as much time as possible being creative!


Small victories win the battle!


Oakland, CA, USA

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I am in a constant state of analysis and creation.  It is my nature.  After decades of hosting my music, video games, and art across the net, Patreon has allowed me to continue to present my work to my supporters, while also providing a wonderful framework for them to reciprocate through feedback and financial backing, and in return I can provide them (and hopefully soon, you!) with physical and digital rewards in return!

Check out my pixel art portfolio and the charity I donate to at the imgur link below.  As of 09.02.14 I've raised $1,528 for to help marginalized youth in Portland, OR :

Find some of my earlier games (hosted by a kind supporter) here :

Even more of my early games also available here :

Check out my extensive catalog of music here :

I also used to own and operate a guitar pedal business.  Everyone from Nine Inch Nails, to My Bloody Valentine, to KMFDM, to Depech Mode has used my gear.  Check out over 100 pedal demo's I've done here :

... and my former guitar pedal business here, now run by Dwarfcraft Devices :

You can visit my weekly creations via this link :

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