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Milestone Goals
3 Milestone Goals
Vocal Compressor
$150 per episode
I'll be able to add a broadcast quality vocal compressor to my equipment chain, resulting in clear and even vocals from myself and guests on the show. This will also reduce the chance of clipping distortion during a show.
New Mixer
$200 per episode
After a month at this goal, I'll be able to afford a high quality mixer for my in-home studio. This will result in louder and clearer music, vocals, and smoother transitions. A new mixer also opens up the opportunity for live performance and remixing on the show.
Time-Stamped Tracklists
$250 per episode
If we hit this goal, I'll include time-stamped tracklists on all future episodes of This Week In Chiptune. This means you'll be able to see down to the second what track you're listening to on TWIC. No more hunting through download links to find the bangers! ;D


Hi, I'm Chris. I used to work as a studio engineer, but now I spend most of my time DJing, mixing, and creating music. I put hours of music up for free download on my Soundcloud, and I also have released a few albums. I'm on Patreon to rally support for my on-going chiptune radio show, This Week In Chiptune.


Philadelphia, PA, USA

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This Week In Chiptune is an ongoing, radio-format podcast and live stream I started on April 3rd, 2013. Each week I feature new chip and video game music from around the world, collected from sites like and Micro Collective. I try to feature only music that was released in the last week. Along with promoting awesome chiptune musicians, I aim to create an digital archive of chiptune releases. TWIC can be streamed live on Mixify, downloaded from iTunes and Soundcloud, or streamed on Mixcloud.

Dj CUTMAN is the name of my chiptune and video game remix project. My real name is Chris. Hi there! I've been working in music for the past nine years. I started as a Pro-Tools engineer in a recording studio. Now I spend most of my time DJing, mixing and creating chiptune and video game music. I started This Week In Chiptune to experiment with the DJ streaming site Mixify. Since then, it's grown into more I could have ever imagined. I've had the opportunity to promote hundreds of albums and introduce a ton people to chiptunes. It's so awesome, but as the show grows, so do the costs.

Patreon is a platform I'd like to see support This Week In Chiptune. Your support goes toward ensuring the stability of the show. Podcast hosting and a music budget are key components your pledges will support. Become my patron and I'll send you some cool stuff, plus you'll be a part of something awesome. I aim to make TWIC the best chiptune show on the planet!
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