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This is the big goal that would take This Week in Chiptune from a Podcast to a full-time multimedia project. I can start producing audio and video interviews with chiptune musicians, and producing bite-sized news videos like Chiptune Minute. This content will be in the form of extended shows, or stand-alone episodes, so I can still bring you an hour of new chiptunes each week.


Hi, I'm Chris. I used to work as a studio engineer, but now I spend most of my time DJing, mixing, and creating chiptune music. I put tons of tunes up on my Soundcloud, and I've have released some albums and mixtapes. I'm using Patreon to support for my weekly Chiptune show, This Week In Chiptune!


Philadelphia, PA, USA

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This Week in Chiptune is an ongoing, radio-format podcast and live stream started on April 3rd in 2013. Each week TWiC features new chiptune and video game music from around the world, collected from sites like and Micro Collective. Focusing on the most recent releases, TWiC also serves as an audio archive of Internet chiptune albums. The show can be streamed live on Wednesdays at 10PM (EDT) via Mixify and YouTube. After the broadcast, episodes can be downloaded from Soundcloud and iTunes, and streamed on Mixcloud and Sticher.

Oh, hello! My name is Chris, but most people know me as Dj CUTMAN. I like doing creative things with my friends on the internet!

Dj CUTMAN is my chiptune and video game music project, producing mixes, remixes, and original tunes. I've been working in music professionally for a decade; my entry point was as Pro-Tools engineer in an upstate New York recording studio. Now, I spend most of my time producing, touring, and sharing the music I love!

This Week in Chiptune started as an experiment with streaming DJ sets. Since then, it's become my "virtual residency," you could say. I've had the opportunity to promote hundreds of chiptune and vgm artists, and create some really cool episodes. Since so much of the music is brand new, TWiC challenges me as a DJ to build a unique set each week. 

Patreon is the platform that makes This Week In Chiptune possible. As a Patron, you gain access to unreleased music and additional content on my Patron-only stream. Your support goes toward ensuring the longevity of the show, helping cover the cost of music, hosting, and production. Plus, you join the ranks of awesome people who've helped create the best Chiptune show on the planet!

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TWiC is a chiptune livestream / podcast by  Dj CUTMAN
Watch live on Mixify and YouTube, Wednesdays 10PM (EDT)
All episodes are available for free on ThisWeekInChiptune.comPledging will be rewarded with additional content. 
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