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Milestone Goals
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Q&A Sessions
$400 per episode
I have a bizarre amount of experience. I've been tutoring since I was a teenager, hosted panel discussions at conventions as Dj CUTMAN. I love sharing information, I'd like to do that online. This goal will allow me to host public Question & Answer sessions using Google Hangouts. We could talk about audio production, music suggestions, DJ lessons, or even a random philosophical discussion. Just like TWiC, these sessions will be recorded live and saved to YouTube.
Professional Grade Hosting
$500 per episode
I've wanted this for so long, but there is such a gap between budget web hosts and professional-levels one I've never been able to sustain it on my own. If we hit this goal, I'll make, and much faster and more responsive websites for finding music!


Hi, I'm Chris. I used to work as a studio engineer, but now I spend most of my time DJing, mixing, and creating chiptune music. I put tons of tunes up on my Soundcloud, and I've have released some albums and mixtapes. I'm using Patreon to support for my weekly Chiptune show, This Week In Chiptune!


Philadelphia, PA, USA

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Oh, hello! My name is Chris, but my friends call me Dj CUTMAN. I've been working in music professionally for almost decade. Years ago, I worked as a recording engineer in a hip-hop studio in New York. Now, I spend most of my time producing chiptune and video game music!

This Week in Chiptune
is the podcast and livestream I started on April 3rd in 2013. It's all about chiptune music! Each week I feature new albums and songs from chip-musicians worldwide. This isn't a talk show, it's a live improvised DJ set featuring new and noteworthy chipmusic!

TWiC can be streamed live on Wednesdays at 10PM (EDT) via Mixify and YouTube. After the stream, episodes can be downloaded from Soundcloud and iTunes, and streamed on Mixcloud and Sticher.

Why Patreon?
Towards the end of 2013, I was stretched thin. Podcast hosting was growing more and more expensive, the cost of music each week was growing too. But thanks to my awesome patrons, we've come together to create something truly awesome. TWiC is now a sustainable program, with a new episode every week. We've made this killer website, added video to the stream and even got the show its own youtube channel

And there's more we can do! Like this bite-sized news show:

Why Pledge?
Since TWiC passed its initial goals, you may be wondering why to pledge. We still have goals to reach, but more importantly, once you pledge you become my patron. All patrons gain access to exclusive music that I don't post publicly, like after-parties with special guests and unreleased music. The only way to download this special stuff is to pledge on this campaign. It's my way of thanking the awesome individuals who make TWiC possible. 

Take a look at the rewards below, and if you are able to make a pledge I would truly appreciate it!
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