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$500 per month
This is pretty simple. My current income is extremely low, due to needing a job that works around my health situation and school schedule. Unfortunately, I was recently let go from my job, for reasons explained in the May Update. Any additional income I can gain would enable me to pay for things I desperately need, like soap, a new razor, stuff to deal with my chronic pain issues, and things like that.
$1,000 per month
If I earn $1,000 a month, I won't need to seek work and I can do this full time. If I reach this goal, I aim to release five or six pieces a month at the very minimum, hopefully more, most of which will be available on my blog, some of which will be available on YouTube.


I'm a person who likes writing interesting things about interesting subjects. My goal is to educate and enlighten, and to help people discover new things to be passionate about. I'm pretty disappointed with the state of games criticism, so I've done my best to be the kind of writer I want to see more of in the world.


Lawrence, KS, USA

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Hi. I'm Doc, and I write about video games.

I'm the guy who explains how magicians do their tricks--that is, I look at mechanics we take for granted and do my best to explain them in ways that make sense. For me, it's about understanding why we feel the way we do about the games we play.

My goal is to say thoughtful, interesting things that help us enjoy the games we like even better than we already do.

I've got a degree in game design and a background in comic reviews, I've freelanced a few games articles in my time, and now, I'm getting a degree in film with a minor in English at the University of Kansas. In my free time, I'm tinkering away on two indie games, one 2D and one 3D.

Due to some significant ongoing health issues, I've had plenty of time spent bedridden the past few years to play and write about hundreds of video games. My health is better now, thankfully, though it's still quite a challenge to get through the day, and finding work that can accommodate my health has proven to be a challenge. Unfortunately, it's getting harder to justify spending my free time writing about games due to dealing with things like my health problems. Additionally, I'm pretty deep in poverty; being a student with health issues isn't exactly the best situation to be in, if you can believe it.

But... I do want to keep writing, and with your help, I can.

So, yeah! I'm not asking for a whole lot; if you want to toss a dollar my way per article I do, I'd be thrilled. If you want me to play and write about a specific game, well, if I have it, I'll try, and if I don't, I'd gladly accept a donation of that game so I can write about it. If you don't want to donate anything, cool, you don't have to; it'd just help me out significantly. I'd like to be able to not have to stress about buying things like toiletries or paying my utilities, hence this Patreon account.

If you'd like to see the things I write, here's a small selection:
  • STALKER is the most important game I have ever played.
  • It takes two hundred and twenty-two years to earn all the Steam cards, at best. It's way longer now, and I hope to do an updated article soon.
  • Dishonored, and why breaking the rules of stealth actually makes for a better stealth game.
  • The Witcher's fourth act is a dramatic change from traditional RPGs.
  • Why the Alien universe would actually make for the perfect shooter.

    (I'll totally stick a video up there once I get some proper recording equipment; right now, it's a screencap I took from Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, one of the most remarkable games I've played all year)
Updated November 29, 2014
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