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Hey there–Alan here, aka DreamSmith.  If you're reading this then you've probably read some of my fanfiction (it's possible you've read ALL my fanfiction; some of you are hard-core like that ^_^).  If so, then you know that I take my writing seriously: I don't want to waste the reader's time with something that isn't well-written, and I always want to give you a story that's entertaining.  I love doing that, and I've been doing it for years now, albeit with frequent long hiatuses, and the response from my readers has (usually) been overwhelmingly positive–which is, of course, both flattering and awesome.  However, the main complaint is always "Why has it been so long since the last update?  It's been (months or years) since the last chapter!  Why???????"  Which is an entirely fair question, and one which produces much shame and embarrassment on my part.

Basically, and not to put too fine a point on it–I'm poor.  Not 'Living on the streets and powering my laptop via teams of captive hamsters on treadmills' poor, but still, pretty darn poor.  Enough so that it's hard to justify spending twenty or thirty hours to write and edit a chapter of fanfiction, when I really should be trying to scrape together money to pay the bills.  I'm trying to accomplish that via two part-time jobs–one 'real' one, and one where I write stories and post them on Amazon's Kindle store.  I'm starting to make some slight headway on that second one, but it's slow going.  Annnnd, I still want to write fanfic.  I really, really do; I've loved those characters for sixteen years now–Faith and Buffy (and Faith/Buffy) are the reasons I started writing in the first place, and the stories I've told so far have barely scratched the surface.
If only there was a way to do what I love most, and not feel guilty about all the time and effort I sink into each story….  

Oh wait!  There IS a way! (^_^)  I'm pretty excited about this Patreon thing.  It will let you help me out, IF you're a fan of my work, and IF you're able to throw a dollar or two my way, to help me create stories for you to enjoy.  Don't worry if you can't afford to give anything–believe me, I know what that's like–and you certainly don't HAVE to throw money at me if you'd just rather not.  I'll still write fanfic either way, it's just that contributions will let me post chapters more often than once every six to twelve months.  (If even 5-10% of the people who read my work on Twisting the Hellmouth gave a dollar or two per chapter, I'd be able to post something new every couple of weeks.)  And I would LOVE to be able to do that, people.  Absolutely love it

Again, if you're poor too, then no worries, I very much understand.  And even if you think my stuff is great and you have three sportscars in your driveway, you're certainly under no obligation to support some random fanfic writer.  

If you're able, and if you're willing, it would mean the world to me.  Actually, it would mean WORLDS to me, literally, because then I'd be able to spend more time exploring these worlds, discovering new things about these characters, and writing new stories about them for you to read.  And yes, I'd be able to get going on all those half-completed fics that have been sitting, neglected, for far too long.  I keep teasing you about all those chapters and story threads that I have planned, but never get around to writing–well, this is a way for me to finally show them to you.
My apologies for going on so long here.  I'm not the world's greatest salesman, and I really wouldn't want to be–but I DO want to be a great writer, and tell great stories.  I think I can… and I hope you'll help me, and come along for the ride.
–Alan (aka DreamSmith)

[I'm not sure what to offer as rewards for different 'levels' of donation.  Maybe the ability to decide which story gets a new chapter, with higher tiers getting larger blocs of votes?  Copies of my original fiction novelettes?  An afternoon of adventuring with me in World of Warcraft? (You can trounce me repeatedly in duels if that would make you happy; believe me, I'm terrible at PVP).  Send me your ideas, this is very new for me, and I'd appreciate any input you guys can offer.  Thanks!]
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