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Weekly Transcriptions
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With $250 per month, we'll be able to keep the lights on, bring you a monthly review, and we'll be able to bring you drum transcriptions every week!
Weekly Gear and Media Reviews
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At $500 per month we'll be able to bring you not only keep the lights on and bring you the weekly drum transcriptions, and now we'll be able to bring you new gear and media reviews every week!
Monthly Instructional Videos
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If we reach $1000 in pledges per month, we'll be able to keep the lights on, bring you weekly transcriptions, weekly gear and media reviews, plus we'll be able to bring you monthly video instructional lessons - all free to view and download!
Monthly Original Etudes and Solos
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If we're able to reach $2000 or more per month, we'll be able to keep the lights on, bring you weekly transcriptions, weekly gear and media reviews, bring you monthly video lessons, and also bring you original etudes and solos for you to download and use for your own performance or teaching studio - all free to you!
Yearly PASIC and NAMM Coverage
$5,000 per month
If we manage an amazing $5000 per month or more in pledges, we'll be able to bring you all the above plus we'll be able to bring you wall-to-wall PASIC and NAMM coverage that will include tons of videos, pics, reviews, interviews, live-blogging, and more!


Drummer Talk started out as a simple weekly podcast devoted to drums, percussion, news, technology, and other drumming topics back in 2005. Part education, part editorial, part morning-drive radio, Drummer Talk has remained the Internet's longest-running drumming podcast with over 225 episodes!

DrummerTalk.org is an extension of the Drummer Talk podcast and has blossomed into a deep drumming resource to the greater percussion community. With over 1500 articles, it features news, reviews, interviews, videos, original educational features as well as other awesome drum stuff collected from around the web!

Hosted by educator and Orlando drummer, percussionist, and composer, Dave Kropf.


Orlando, FL, USA

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What is up, what is UP?!

Drummer Talk - the Internet's longest running drumming podcast - has been producing quality percussion content since 2005. That's, like, before the iPhone!  During the last 9 years, we have always strived to keep the show unbiased and unhindered by corporate sponsorships.

If you enjoy the podcast and the website and want to help us keep delivering more great drumming and percussion resources, please consider becoming a patron!

Our goal: that every podcast episode, review, article, and video from DrummerTalk.org will always be free to view and download! We believe we won't have to charge a subscription and it will be great patrons like you who will make this possible!

Here is a sampling of the types of educational features available at Drummer Talk:

You can help keep drummertalk.org and the Drummer Talk podcast up and running with great new content, and help keep the the show on the air and ad-free.

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