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Issue a deluxe reprint of AIN'T NO SUCH THING AS MISOGYNY!
$900 per art thing
Ain't No Such Thing As Misogyny was a VERY limited edition (only 25 copies exist) print zine I made in July 2013. It was basically a thank you note to the hot sexy men of gaming who, through being objectified occasionally, proved that misogyny in games was over—or maybe it had never existed at all; I'm not sure. I was working off a series of very incoherent Kotaku comments, okay??

Anyway, ANSTAM was my first foray into zine-making, so there were things I wanted to add at the time but couldn't, things I wish I had done differently now, and things I would love to update if I had the resources. In the year+ since I made ANSTAM, I've had several requests for a reprint, and if I reach $900 per art thing, I will have enough wiggle room in my budget to make a deluxe reprint including: NEW CHARACTERS! NEW MAN PARTS! PROBABLY COLOR! BEHIND-THE-SCENES SOMETHING! MAYBE, LIKE, A POSTER OF SNAKE'S BUTT INCLUDED WITH EVERY ZINE!! :o

Trust me, you want me to reach this goal.


Creator of comics, zines, art, &c.


New York, NY, USA

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financial tl;dr: Patrons will be charged once, at the end of the month. But this Patreon will be updated 2-4 times per month. So (for example) if you pledge $5 per art thing, and I make two art things in a month, you'll be charged $10 at the end of the month. BUT! You can set a monthly cap on your donations so you don't accidentally get bankrupted if one month I decide to make a hundred things.

Hi! I'm Elizabeth, and I make comics, zines, and other art things. 

If you're here, it's probably because you know me as the creator of Manic Pixel Dream Girl, the accidental founder of Gaming's Feminist Illuminati, the editor-curator-cheerleader behind It's Just A Game, or a girl who is super Bad at Games.

Or it could be one of the other things I've made, or my twitter, or maybe you just really like my cats.

Regardless of how or why you got here, you have found your way to my Patreon page! That's awesome! So, welcome, and thank you, and here goes:

Art is hard to make, and it takes time, and energy, and money. There are paints and high-quality paper and pens to buy, and to make comics you have to read comics, and those cost money too. And it's super difficult to make "a living" doing this. I've only been at the whole full-time-artist thing for about a year, so I don't expect to be pulling in a serious salary, or even close-to. From what I understand, that kinda thing can take, like, years and years—if it ever even happens.

Hopefully, this Patreon page and the generous support of the community will help me get some compensation for my work while I wait for those years-and-years to pass. And if you contribute, I will send you cool merch in the mail! It's a win-win, really.


All the above being said: I'm super lucky. I have a great relationship with my family, and my family has the means to help me out if things ever get really bad financially. So you paying me to make stuff is not going to be the difference between me eating and not eating, or making rent and not making rent. There are certainly other people who need your money more than I do.

Also, sometimes, people pay me to make art! Rest assured that I will not be double-dipping; anything I'm paid for through traditional methods will not fall under the Patreon umbrella. So that's that.


Still here? Okay great! Let's talk Art Things. 

I make lots of stuff, whether or not it's part of one of the many structured and semi-structured projects I'm working on at any given time. I'd like to make more-and-different stuff, but it's hard for me to justify working long hours on stuff that, as of now, makes less money than other stuff.

If you become one of my Patreon patrons, you'll make it possible for me to work on some of my favorite (and, from what I gather, your favorite) projects that don't make money on their own. Things won't be on a strict schedule, but like all Patreon donations, you'll be able to cap your monthly donations so it doesn't get out of hand. 

Okay so what am I even talking about? Well:


If you want the long version, complete with pictures & a timeline, just click here to see all my creations that have fallen under the Patreon umbrella since I started it in December 2013. Or read on for my future plans!

My regular comic, 
Bad-at-Games, was on indefinite hiatus when I started this Patreon, and one of my first goals was to revive it. Thanks to the generosity of a few awesome supporters, I was soon able to bring back Bad-at-Games, which I currently publish 2-3 times per month. Bad-at-Games is the primary ongoing project that will be covered by your Patreon contribution.

The other thing I did that my patrons made possible was a series of paintings, Satellites. Not to sound like a broken record, but: So-called "fine art" is like probably the thing that is least likely to make money of all the things on Earth. It's at least in the top ten. But I love painting for no reason except to paint, and getting paid to do so allows me to do so more. Stuff that can only fit into the unfortunate category of "fine art" will be covered by your Patreon contribution!

And that about covers it, for now! To sum up, your contribution will go towards any and all Art Things I make that aren't covered by a traditional payment model. So, most of it.


Important note about my rewards: For any patron-requested art rewards, I reserve the right to refuse to draw something if it makes me uncomfortable or if I feel like it would make others feel unsafe or, you know, shitty. So please don't be an asshole. <3
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