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What is Oh Joy, Sex Toy?
Oh Joy, Sex Toy
is a light-hearted, humorous, sex positive educational weekly webcomic that covers a wide spectrum of the sex world; from sex toy reviews to sex education to interviews with sex industry professionals and more.

How often do you update Oh Joy, Sex Toy?
Once a week on Tuesdays, meaning there are typically four updates in one month. (EDIT 3/4/14: April, July, September, and December have 5 Tuesdays. Sorry, I didn't realize when I made the video!)

How often am I charged?
You will be charged at the end of the month, when Patreon tallies up how many updates I posted during that time. OJST updates four times a month, so if you pledged $2 per update, then at the end of the month you will be charged $8 total. You can set a cap on how much you’re willing to be charged each month, so even if I update a million times you won’t be charged beyond your maximum amount. You can edit or cancel your pledge any time before you’re charged.
Learn more at the FAQ.

What happens with pledges when you run a guest comic?
Backers’ pledges will be applied when I run guest comics. I commission my guest cartoonists to create these fill-in comics when I am sick or injured or otherwise unable to complete a comic on my own. The artists are compensated and while they retain full ownership of their strip and are free to use it to generate additional income from what I’ve paid them, they also grant me a non-exclusive license to profit from it through my comic’s avenues.

Reward Tiers:

- $1 an update - Exclusive regular updates posted in my activity stream of my progress on the comic that I am working on it. (11/27/14: It says "daily" in my video, but after talking with my patrons, we agreed one weekly-ish update worked better for everyone)

- $5 an update- Download PDFs of both volumes of my previous comic series, DAR! Originally published as books in 2009 and 2010, these PDFs include comics and bonus content that was never released online. Download links to Volume 1 and Volume 2.

The Longer Version // Transcription of Video

My name is Erika Moen! I’m a 15 year comics veteran and full time cartoonist at Periscope Studio in Portland Oregon.

In April 2013 I launched my newest project, Oh Joy, Sex Toy. It’s a light-hearted, humorous, sex positive educational webcomic that updates once a week. It covers a wide spectrum of the sex world; from sex toy reviews to sex education to interviews with sex industry professionals and more. It’s my most favorite project I’ve ever worked on and I’m super proud of it!

Currently Oh Joy, Sex Toy IS earning me a modest income through a bunch of different channels, but it fluctuates greatly from month to month. Each week’s update is actually 4-6 pages of full color comics, condensed into a single web friendly image, and takes me a full week to make. Seriously, it’s a full time job. I don’t even have time for commissions or freelance work anymore! So I’m launching my Patreon campaign as an option for you guys to help support Oh Joy, Sex Toy and me.

Don’t worry! With or without your patronage, I’m going to keep making Oh Joy, Sex Toy  for as long as I possibly can. It’ll always update every Tuesday and will always be free to view and that will never change.

So why am I here, and what do I need your support for? Primarily it’s to help me in my leaner months, but also it helps me pay for more fantastic guest comics that I need to use when I get sick or hit by a car (that actually happened a couple months ago) or need a new point of view on some sexy subject.

So, If you enjoy my comic and would like to help support it, Patreon is for you. It’s sort of like Kickstarter, but rather than raising one lump sum of money all in one go for one final project, instead you sort of subscribe to give me a little bit of money each time I post a new comic. I update the site once a week, so if you pledged to give me $2 each time a comic goes up, that means I’d get $8 a month from you. But it’s totally in your hands how much and how often you want to support the site and you can put a cap on just how much you’re willing to give each month. So even if I went crazy bananas and posted a hundred strips in one week, you still wouldn’t go past your cap of say, $5 a month.

As far as Patreon goes this is a very bare-bones campaign. All my time is spent working away on the comic and the necessities of running a small business, so I honestly don’t have time to make special rewards. But having said that, If you do pledge, I’m setting up a super secret backer page here where I will post a progress shot of the comic every day* that I work on it: it’s a tiny, behind-the-scenes, snap shot that only you backers will see so you can follow along with my progress.

So that’s it! If you’d like to give a little back each time you read my latest comic, I would absolutely appreciate your patronage. Your pledges make it easier for me to keep Oh Joy, Sex Toy alive.

Thank you!

(Photo by Leah Nash)

*EDIT 11/27/14: After talking with my patrons, we all decided that one weekly-ish update worked better for everyone.
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