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New computer!
$500 per animation
-A better computer means faster animations!  As is, working in general can be a bit slow due the processing power required, and don't even get me STARTED on rendering.


Astoria, Queens, NY, USA

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Hello everyone and thanks for checking out my Patreon page!  I'm Porter, or as youtube goes, Esquirebob Animations.  Over on the youtubes I like to make 3d animations, be it parody or original ideas.

A little about me:  I'm a 3d animator who's recently gotten into the 'youtube scene.'  I started out when I made my first 'Game Grumps Animated.'  I was delighted with the response it got!  In all honestly, I was already feeling pressure when I hit 10 subscribers haha.  Fast forward a little bit and there's quite a few more Game Grumps Animated on my channel, plus other fun shorts I've made.  Since I've started, I've dedicated my time fully to my channel.  This has enabled me to put out content at a decent rate, though this also was hurting my wallet quite a bit.  Any gaps in content have been because I've had to do freelance work elsewhere, taking time away from my channel and the people I want to entertain.  This is where YOU come in! 

Why/What/Who/Huh Patreon?  So basically, Patreon is a place where you, my fans, can generously help me out in creating more entertaining content!  At your leisure and convenience, you can pledge any amount of money you like for each new animation I put out.  You can also set a monthly limit, in case I decide to put out a crazy number of animations in a month (DISCLAIMER:  Not gonna happen.)  Just to confirm, I am NOT charging for my content, this is simply a way that, if you so choose, you can help give back to me, so I can keep focusing on giving content to you!  With your help, I can make my youtube channel my full-time job and keep putting out quality entertainment 'til the very end of time! (DISCLAIMER:  I'm not gonna be around that long.) 

The Goal:  Basically, I want to keep making videos for you all.  My dream would be to work on my channel as my primary job, keep a consistent flow of videos coming, and keep raising the bar on the quality of each animation!

Thanks for stopping by!  You're all AWESOME! :D

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