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Scott Talks TV
$3,500 per month
Do you like my solo shows like The Diablo Show and Boop? If we hit $3,500, I'll bring a new solo show to the network where I talk all about TV. New shows, old shows, a little bit about West Wing (ok, a lot about West Wing....) it will be all about that glorious talking box we all love.
More life in your ExtraLife
$5,000 per month
If we hit $5,000, Extra Life will expand to two days a week.  Double the art, every single week!
Frogpants TV
$7,500 per month
Full on, guaranteed weekly episodes of Frogpants TV. Boom!
Experience Points
$10,000 per month
Do you miss Experience Points? Do you want more Steve the Duck? If we hit $10,000, I am bringing Experience Points back as a full time weekly strip!
Ongoing SciFi Comic
$15,000 per month
I have got an idea that has been burning in mah brain for quite some time now for a new ongoing episodic comic...with a scifi theme.  I never seem to find the time to get it started but if we hit $15,000 then I can do all of the other things from the prior milestones and launch this new weekly strip. PLUS I will do a short video podcast while I am creating each strip that will release after the weekly strip posts where you can watch me draw and hear me talk about the story.


Scott Johnson draws a lot of things.  And records a lot of things.  He makes a lot of things.  Things people seem to like.  So he'd like to continue to make these things.  This Patreon helps make that happen.


Salt Lake City, UT, USA

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Am I an artist who podcasts? Or a podcaster who does art?  I'm not really sure but after 13 years of drawing my webcomic, MyExtraLife, and creating internet radio & podcasts, what I DO know is that I love creating stuff.  And I like making a lot of it.  If you enjoy either the art or shows that I produce (or both!) then I hope you will consider supporting the Frogpants Patreon.  There are some wicked rewards available and if we hit some of the milestones, I look forward to making some new shows and art projects for all of you to enjoy.

A monthly pledge isn't in the cards for you? That is ok--there are plenty of other ways to support Frogpants--spread the word about the shows to your friends, check out some of the prints and merch in the Frogpants Store, send a question in for The Therapy Show or participate in the Frogpants community however you can--I appreciate all the things you awesome people do and I'll keep on putting out cool stuff.  For YOU!
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