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Milestone Goals
New Digs!
$500 per episode
When we hit the $500 milestone, it'll be time to spruce up the joint! A new, crisper setup along with all new backgrounds and motion graphics. Game Feels is getting a makeover.
Danny Baranowski Does the Soundtrack!
$1,000 per episode
If we smash the $1000 milestone, not only will we cry tears of pure ecstasy for the best part of a fortnight, but we'll also contract the fabulous Danny B to make an all new theme song! With titles such as Super Meat Boy, Canabalt and The Binding of Isaac under his belt, we're looking forward to blemishing Danny's otherwise spotless portfolio.
Episode Overload!
$1,500 per episode
Uh oh. Here goes nothing.
Three episodes a month! Shit.
An All New Friend!
$2,500 per episode
We'll be adding a new permanent crew member to the team, to help with everything from animation to sound design. This effectively frees Jordan up to write and produce more episodes, and also maybe sleep. Maybe.


I have to return some videotapes.


Falmouth, Cornwall, UK

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Game Feel (n)
[Gahym Fe-ehl)
A tactile sensation that dictates how fun or engaging the act of playing the game is.


Got your attention? Sweet.

I love video games. I always have, always will and hell, I always should. They're the most exciting, inviting, confusing, bemusing, innovative... Schminnovative art form of our time, and I can't stop thinking about them.

In fact, I can't stop writing about them either. Come to think of it, I can't stop writing, thinking, talking and learning about games every gosh dang day. Weird. Maybe this is the curse that old gypsy woman placed on me when I TP'd her bungalow. In retrospect, that was a bad move.

Then again, maybe it's time I shared some of these thoughts with some cool internet folk... Perhaps some cool internet folk who might want to help support a hot new show about game design, produced and hosted by people who have always, will always, and should always love games.

So what's all this, then?

Have you ever played a game that made you feel something you couldn't explain? It could have been an attack, an animation, a twist, a new mechanic or anything in between, but whatever it was, you felt it. A sensation so gobsmackingly, jaw-droppingly evocative that just trying to articulate it frazzles your noodle and boggles your brain-case?


Well I have.

And that's what Game Feels is all about. It's the all singing*, all dancing*, all babbling* web show that picks apart the tricks, trends and tropes of your favourite games. Why?

Because we can't help but love the little things.

From your first time scaling a colossus to your first flight in Gotham, your perfectly-timed hadouken to your very last taunting at the hands of the Duck Hunt dog, we love every little moment in its own little way.

Be it 8-Bit, 4K, 'master race' or 'dirty scrub', Game Feels is a celebration of games, gamers and gaming, and the sensation that make them so stupidly, beautifully fun.

Game Feel is a comedic, fast-pased, Patreon-funded web show which aims to pick apart the tricks, traits, tropes and trends of your favourite video games. As far as presentation goes, think Film Riot meets Extra Credits, with a healthy dash of JonTron-esque non-sequiter comedy for good measure. The show's emphasis lies less on broad design concepts however, and more on their execution.

For example, the first episode focuses on Team Ico's Shadow of the Colossus, but rather than traipsing through it’s design strengths and weaknesses one by one, we highlight particular moments that evidence the games most iconic events. e.g. the first encounter with a colossus, the tension-wraught climbing mechanics, the feeling of isolation etc.

Each episode follows a similar structure which follows a strict ‘Introduction’ > ‘Historical Context’ > ‘Mechanical Context’ > ‘Reflection/Conclusion’ structure. This will be more evident once the second script is complete.

For assessment I intend to shoot one extended pilot with a running time of 10 minutes, along with a pretty extensive production bible. With the addition of some BTS content, development logs and a Patreon campaign, it should offer up plenty of fodder for both of your portfolios, and I’m really pumped to be working with you guys!

It's a show born out of pure affection, and we'd love to one day be supported by people who share that.

  • * There will be no singing.
  • * Or dancing.
  • * No promises.


Why 'Per Episode'?

- Honestly? We're busy. As much as we love making the show, it doesn't support us financially yet (wink, wink), and we have to be big boring grown-ups. It'd be glorious to be running on a monthly schedule with guaranteed episodes, but we want to make sure you handsome young patrons get your moneys worth, so for now we're keeping it simple.

Was it weird a second ago when I called you handsome?
Don't go.

How Many Episodes Should I Expect?

- As I said, we're trying to pump out as much as we can on our own schedule but, for now, it'll never be more than two episodes a month. But hey, who knows what the future holds? I don't. I bet there's robots though.

Favourite Saturday Morning Cartoon?

- Batman Beyond
. Look it up.
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