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Editor-in-chief of USgamer. Cohost of Retronauts. Tenacious ex-1UP staffer. Short and a bit flabby, but tries to dress well.


Raleigh, NC, USA

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I write about video games for a living, which is a pretty great gig. (Do you read You should read But what most interests me about games is their history, and over the past decade or so of doing this work, I've invariably found that there's not much place for content about old games on "mainstream" gaming sites. The odd retrospective here and there, sure, but nothing more comprehensive.

So, I keep that sort of thing quarantined to my free time with the sites Game Boy World and Anatomy of Games: The former a comprehensive chronological exploration of the Game Boy's library, and the latter a systematic breakdown of the design of old games and how they guided players before the age of tutorials. I'm also aiming to develop with articles and videos on the history of the format as well. Obviously, these three sites are pretty much the definition of niche: Passion projects.

The costs for producing these sites are mounting, so I'd like for them to become self-sustaining. I'm not aiming to get rich off these projects. I have a day job! I just want to avoid operating at the current deep loss I'm seeing as I produce material like the Super Mario Land video here.

If you enjoy my little side ventures, I hope you will consider supporting them. They're weekend concerns, which means I only have time to produce two or three pieces of content a week across the three sites. You'll only ever see between 10 to 15 posts per month, at most. A Game Boy World video and article on a single title count together as a single post, so I won't be double-dipping. Your contributions will allow me to pay for things like web hosting, software to record video from, and ultimately perhaps the ability to delegate some duties to other people and give them fair recompense for it. In return, you'll receive a few obscure-but-excellent (I hope) pieces of content per month, as well as occasional bonus goods. Thanks!
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