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Podcast is regular
$20 per month
Stark and I will figure out how to make sure the podcast goes out twice a month, if not more, come hell or high water.
More Podcasts
$40 per month
I will make sure there are four Podcasts a month, regardless.  They may not all be Spoony Bard, but they will come out.
All ads removed
$50 per month
All adds on the site will be removed.
So Many Podcasts.
$75 per month
Movies That Hate Your Soul will Return.  Little higher reward because I have to herd cats to get this one going.  Twice a month, for you.
I will cry so much
$100 per month
I don't even know man, I will cry so, so much.


Where there is pain, discomfort, or silence you will probably find me trying to make some kind of inapproriate joke about something.


Albany, NY, USA

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Varms was a brain child of two friends way back in 2003, then quickly one of them ran away when he saw what he wrought. Since then it has grown, expanded, shrunk, and entirely changed from what it was first about–mainly because at inception we were convened making dick jokes about computer games for people with dial up and now we focus more on the high class merkin jokes using the best definition video one of us can cobble together. From the start the only thing that has remained the same is that the site has been largely privately funded, and by privately I mean by me, Gillman.  We run ads, but finding a balance between things that we find inoffensive enough to showcase and ones that will ever get around to paying up has been difficult.  That is why we are making an attempt to turn to the fans.

Everyone who contributes to the site want to make one thing clear above everything else, we are holding nothing that we do hostage.  We will still offer the same amount of content that we always do, at the same "quality" that you have all grown to know and love.  We are offering the reward tiers to give everyone something to strive for, while acknowledging that we are a small enough site that even a little money is a huge difference for us.  And while it might be a small monthly donation on your end, it is honestly enough to remind us to continually produce content for the people that matter (you).

So why are we doing this?  Because we would like to grow, and the best way to do that would be with the support of the fans.  Of the hardware that we have most of it is aging or laughably underpowered for what we are asking of it.  We want to do more, better, and faster, but honestly it is difficult with the budget of "disposable income".  That is why we wanted to reach out to our fans, and maybe give you guys some fun kickbacks in the process.  That said, if you don't see a reward tier and have a great idea please feel free to reach out to us.  If you want a certain kind of article to return to the site on the regular let us know and we can add that into the goals.  We are all about rewards.

And don't worry, if you are reading this page you are already my best friend.
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