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Continuing to create and grow through the joy of curiosity.

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It'll be a little out of my own pocket already. But this much a month would help the producing of a better show. my sights are currently towards a better Wordsmythe or it may just go to a currently unnanouced surprise of a project. 


With years of just being a voice and expression over the internet, it's time to strap in and seek out ways to continue to doing what I love. From comics and photos, to written articles of editorial , short stories, even web-videos and live shows in the Vancouver area. 

What is a creator without support from those that love to see things that are new and interesting?


Vancouver, BC, Canada

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I've always been a creator. I find comfort in my creativity, no matter what it is. wether it's comics, video or the written word. The point of this patreon page, is that I never have the freedom to concentrate on the things that I love doing.

With the help of pledges, I would be able to work on the many projects that I've set out to do for myself, with out the worries of life getting in the way.

In such a process, I'll love to explore the many ways I'd be able to give back to fans, and lovers of content.
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