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I would love to upgrade my camera to get even better quality video, but the next grade of camera that's worth upgrading to is pretty pricey. Help me reach this goal so I can make my projects look even better for you!


I'm a maker, musician, father of 4 and all around explorer.
I produce how-to content showing you exactly how I make all sorts of different things!
My hope is that you'll learn some tricks and be inspired to make the things that YOU want to have!  Making is for EVERYONE!

I also host a live Q&A show, called BrainPick, every third Tuesday that gives you the chance to ask questions to your favorite makers, content creators, and all around awesome people! If you can't join us live, I always post the hour long session in both video and audio podcast form within a couple of days.

You can find my project videos, blog posts, BrainPick and everything else at

I'm also one of the three hosts of the Making It podcast, http://www.patreon.com/makingit along with Jimmy DiResta and David Picciuto.


Savannah, GA, USA

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What is I Like To Make Stuff ?
Hi, I'm Bob. I'm a maker, father, explorer and musician.  I love making all sorts of stuff, from furniture to software to electronics to stuff for my kids.
I also love sharing the process of creating with people. I love inspiring people to make something that they love, or something that is useful to them.  I love teaching people that they CAN make stuff too.

So, why do I need your support?

Well, I've committed to making all of my content free..  hands down, regardless of the amount of support that I receive. but…
The budget for all of the supplies and tools that I use come straight from my families budget.  I have a wonderful wife and 4 beautiful children that will always come first, so my project budget isn't always what I'd like.

As a patron, your support would help me dedicate more money to supplies and new tools, as well as audio/video equipment. This helps me keep making better videos, of better projects for you to enjoy and learn from. 

Where to find me
I post all of my projects at iLikeToMakeStuff.com and you can subscribe to my YouTube channel here.
I post lots of in progress photos and have lots of conversation on  my Facebook page. I post lots on Instagram and I'm also trying to post more content to my patron-only feed so that my patrons get a preview of what I'm up to.

Thanks so much for checking out my page, and any type of support that you give. I hope you enjoy my projects and are inspired to go make some stuff!!

In case you're interested, I also make music on occasion
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