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My name is Jenn Frank, and this is my Patreon.

Here are some things I've written:

My Work History

Since 2005, I have written professionally about video games and the people who make them. I came out of the gates strong, getting my start as a reviewer for Electronic Gaming Monthly. I moved to California to join Ziff Davis as its CM, where some of my writing appeared in the pages of EGM and Computer Gaming World, and on our website, Other reviews, games criticism, and creative nonfiction have appeared in Kill Screen Magazine and at Paste, Unwinnable, Vice Motherboard, GameSetWatch, Gameranx, 1UP, WIRED GameLife, and the New York Times. Since 2008, in fits and starts, I have also maintained a small presence at my website, Infinite Lives.

I also provided the voice for two video games, Super Hexagon and the upcoming VIDEOBALL, and I voiced an anthropomorphic inhaler in an educational cartoon for kids with asthma.

What You Get

Edit: Incredibly, I think PayPal folks cannot pay out! I myself discovered this the hard way: Most of my friends responsibly rate themselves 18+ (I think I did, too!), and because PayPal does not fund "pornography" (oh, lord), apparently you have to pay all us evil-doers by credit or debit card. No, I know.  I'm amazed, because I too use PayPal to pay directly from a bank account. I was gobsmacked to learn my payment method does not work.

This is a monthly plan, but you may opt out at any time. June subscribers receive the TMI mess of words that, up until minutes ago, appeared at the bottom of this Patreon page. I am so grateful to you, but I also appreciate that, as subscribers, you would probably like to know exactly what is going on.

This month's isn't a great perk, no. I launched my Patreon kind of blindly and right at the end of June, and that was a mistake. (It turns out Patreon has its own billing cycle.)

That said, I'm starting right now on July's essay. That essay, and all future essays, will be privately delivered, whether by email or by "private" hyperlink.

I'm told I should establish "milestones," which are actually "stretch goals." Maybe I will write a song, or compose new lyrics to a recognizable one, or draw some doodles. Maybe I'll add illustrations to my essays. Maybe I will write something daringly funny. If you have any ideas or direction for me, let me know!

I'm warned that Patreon automatically bills you on the 31st, so at this rate I've got to fight to produce! If I'm ever unable to make that deadline, though, I'm able to sort of "skip a month," and you won't be charged anything. If you only wish to subscribe for one piece, you can cancel anytime after you've been fulfilled. (Or if you feel unfulfilled, as the case might be.)

What I Get

This is a very important supplemental source of income for me. You're probably curious about what I intend to do with this money.

  • I get to pay all sorts of bills! Mostly taxes and medical.
  • I will honor the amounts my mother intended to bequeath to her loved ones, and then I will shout "consider this estate EXECUTED!"
  • If I work diligently, I will continue to own this house.
  • I plan to pay the rest out in support of some of my own favorite writers.

Thank you so much for subscribing!
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