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Milestone Goals
Mic-o-matic 250W
$250 per month
 Crazy Sunshine's creator will host a live Q&A Session every month on Livestream! Ask anything, live!
Robot Assembly Line
$500 per month
 Crazy Sunshine will open an online store! There's even gonna be stuff in it! (No robots, though)

Super Photocopier 1000
$1,000 per month
 Crazy Sunshine will update twice a week! That's like, almost double!
Hyper Energy Printer
$2,000 per month
 Crazy Sunshine will start funding a physical book! If there's no pesky driver installation issues, that is.


Hello! I'm Jkun, creator of Crazy Sunshine and connoisseur of strawberry shoelaces.


Scotland, UK

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Hello! Thanks for reading Crazy Sunshine!

 About the Webcomic

Crazy Sunshine is an urban fantasy webcomic series set in its own universe, starring a unique cast of characters as they duke it out with comedy. Development began in 2005 and in 2010 the first few comic strips were released. Now, it's snowballed into a fully-fledged webcomic series that you - yes, you - can help support!

 About Patreon

Patreon is a neat little system that allows fans of the webcomic to show their support through donations. Wait, wait! Where are you going? Don't leave, it's not as bad as it sounds! Crazy Sunshine is and will always remain free to read, so just think of Patreon as a 100% optional method of showing your support by pledging ongoing donations every month.


Wait a sec, if the comic is free to read, why bother donating? Well, the higher you pledge, the more rewards you can get those grubby mitts of yours on. Rewards such as regularly scheduled Livestream sessions, Patreon-only extra content, commissioned illustrations, private Google+ Hangouts and even personalised birthday cards and Skype calls with the creator himself!

 About the Creator

Oh, hello again! You're still reading? My name is Jkun, and for the last four years I have lived in Japan teaching English. Crazy Sunshine began as a hobby, but I believe that together with support from fans we can make it into something even more fantastic. When I'm not drawing, I love all things Japan, anime and manga included, plus playing a lot of videogames. It would be great to get to know you, and perhaps play together some time!

 Pledges & Goals

Crazy Sunshine currently updates once a week every Wednesday. Your pledge will go towards reaching a monthly goal which is currently four comics worth of updates. If time is against me, I will find ways to make up for lost content whether it's through Livestream sessions, or illustrations. Your donations will never go to waste! Reaching higher monthly goals means new features will become available, such as an increased amount of updates, the creation of an online store, merchandising and more, so keep your eyes peeled and let's work together to make Crazy Sunshine bigger and better!

Thanks for your support!
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