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Hi, my name is John Swanger; I consider myself a multi-instrument musician, singer and song writer of sorts. Born and raised here in good ole Taylors, SC. Back in the early 1980’s my next door neighbor and then best friend Tim Greer introduced me to a guy that lived in my neighborhood named Robby Robertson who played guitar, but not just by himself, he actually played in a band! I thought that was the coolest thing in the world, mainly because when I would sing in front of a mirror to the Beatles albums my Dad gave me I knew I was just practicing to follow right behind my new friend Robby. So I bought my first fake Les Paul from him, he taught me a few chords but I mostly picked up playing by copying Aerosmith, W.A.S.P, Twisted Sister, and Ratt tapes. Soon I started writing and recording songs in my room at home in my parent’s basement. I would take two cassette recorders with built in mics and face them towards each other. I would record on one then play it back while I recorded and played a second “track” onto the other. I finally discovered multi-track recorders had already been invented so then I used a Yamaha MT100II four-track cassette recorder. I learned all kinds of technics like panning, recording backwards, changing recording speeds, and bouncing tracks on that thing. Around that time I also started playing in a bunch of bands that never amounted to much. Greg Trailor and I formed the very first band I was ever in with Adam Taylor. It was a true garage band because we only ever played in Greg’s parents’ garage. The second band was called Elixir. It was Mitch Clinkscales on drums, Rob Edwards on guitar, I played the other guitar and bass sometimes, first Tim Greer and then John Griffith was our singer for a while then I picked that up too. We played a lot of dives and pool halls for free around Berea, SC and Easley, SC. The most successful of those efforts financially though was called Village Idiot; we were an acoustic cover vocal harmony driven duo with me on acoustic 12-string and Greg Trailor on percussion. The latest of the bands I was in was an original rock and roll band called PULL. We only recorded one EP professionally that we recorded at PS1 studios in Taylors, SC. We used that demo to play a few gigs and then we all went our separate ways around the late 1990’s. When I joined the US Navy I went just over a year not even touching an instrument of any kind, but then like an old addiction I bought a Tascam 788 portable eight-track digital recorder found a hiding spot on the ship called a cable trunk hidden just behind a fan room and that is where my second writing and recording wave began. On many of those songs if you listen hard you can hear the ships bells or the whistle over the 1MC intercom system. Over all the years the last time I counted I had over 200 original songs recorded in various stages of completion. Well I got out of the Navy in 2003, started a career (sort of), got married, and had three beautiful kids. All the while not really touching music at all…..then…..out of nowhere… the bug bit again! Because of friendly persuasion, not so subtle hints, and encouragement from my longtime friend Greg Trailor I started to again indulge my secret passion. He started showing me work from a few artists but mostly work from Jack Conte. Not just a little inspired, I have recently over the last couple of years begun recording video songs and loading them onto YouTube. Because of time constraints (work, friends, and family) I am not anywhere near as prolific as the first two waves but it is getting there. I am trying to drum up some support from a site called Patreon (from Jack Conte) to help fund my artistic endeavors. I think if I can validate my music to myself by others wanting to tip me for it I can justify spending more time on it and use any money earned by way of tips to fund the equipment purchases and maintenance to better the quality of all of my artistic pursuits.


Taylors, SC, USA


I love creating music videos and posting them to YouTube it has become my favorite hobby. Take a look:

I get such a high from people enjoying what I have created!!! I have been doing videos for about a year now with pretty crumby equipment. I am not trying to make a career playing my songs...but it would be great if my hobby could pay for itself or at least not put me in the poor house ;-). The thing is, making these videos and songs takes a good bit of time and money for new equipment and just to maintain the old equipment. Ideally I would like to have the "right tools for the job" buying the proper equipment and software to create better quality music and video.

That's where You and Patreon come in...Patreon is like a tip jar or a street performers open guitar case. If you like my music and would like to hear and see more you can become a Patron and tip $1 a month or whatever you can comfortably contribute. Anything will make a huge difference and would be greatly appreciated!


When you sign up to be a patron, you’ll have access to my patron only stream, where I'll be posting song ideas, demos, and whatever I'm working on! There are some other rewards depending on how much you donate.

I usually create one or two videos a month, but don't worry, you can set a monthly maximum so that you never donate more that you can afford!

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Thank you so much for taking time to read all of this! We have a chance here and now to connect patrons directly to artists with no one in the middle controlling any of it! What an awesome concept!

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