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Another Group Collab!
$500 per seven songs.
Last January was collaboration month: Every single day I did a new collaboration with a fan. It was awesome. If I reach $500 a week here on Patreon, I'll do another one!


I make songs.


Brooklyn, NY, USA

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When You Watch Me Make A Song A Day

You are seeing my creative process unfold in real time. It's the real, messy work of creativity - unfiltered and raw. It can be ugly, strange, but it's hopefully always interesting.
I don't trust inspiration, I don't trust "the muse" and I don't really trust myself when it comes to creativity - I trust the process. I trust the work, everyday. 

When You Donate To Me On Patreon

You are contributing both to that constant, daily pursuit of creativity, but also the more refined efforts that are the ultimate result.

For Example:

BEFORE (from year one of song a day):

AFTER (with producing, mixing and mastering help, funded by Patreon supporters!):

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