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I put songs in unexpected places.

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per seven songs.
per seven songs.
Milestone Goals
1 Milestone Goals
An Album of Favorites
$300 per seven songs.
If we hit $300 a week, I'll invest it into putting together an album of my favorite song a day songs.
Another Group Collab
$500 per seven songs.
If we hit $500 a week, I'll celebrate by doing another group collab. (Okay, I'll probably do one again ANYWAY because it was so fun, but if we hit $500 I'll probably do it a lot sooner!)
Time To Learn - Writing A Book, Learning To Code and Organizing Song A Day.
$1,000 per seven songs.
Here's a short list of things that I'm working on right now: I'm writing a book about creativity, I'm learning to code, I'm working with a few different producers and I'm trying to organize song a day into a more searchable, user friendly database of songs. At $1000 a week, the amount of time that I'd be able to focus on these projects would quadruple.
I'm Freeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! (And Monthly Group Collabs)
$2,000 per seven songs.
This is the big one. First, I'd be able to hire some help for more group collabs: An audio engineer and video editor. If I had those two positions filled, a monthly group collaboration would be WAY easier. You want it, I want it. Let's make it happen!

With $2000 a week, I'm completely financially free and don't have to worry about commissions or corporate gigs. That's not to say that I wouldn't take them - I actually like playing conferences a lot! But the point is I wouldn't have to worry about finding that kind of work (or it finding me) which would mean that I could focus 100% of my energy on bigger and better things.


I make songs.


Brooklyn, NY, USA

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When You're Watching Me Make A Song A Day

You are watching my creative process unfold in real time. It's the real work of creativity - unfiltered and raw. It can be ugly, strange, but it's always interesting. I don't trust inspiration, I don't trust "the muse" and I don't really trust myself when it comes to creativity - I trust the process. I trust the work. I believe that everyone can be as creative as they want to be, and I want to help people to find their own process to trust. Because everything else is fleeting.

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You are contributing both to that constant, daily pursuit of creativity, but also the more refined efforts that are the ultimate result. 
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