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Jonathan Rosenberg was born on November 27th, 1973. He tries not to think too much about his childhood. Rosenberg’s interests include carbohydrates, vigilante justice and procrastination.

Rosenberg has been drawing comics and posting them on the internet since 1997, starting with seminal webcomic Goats. He is also the creator of teen sensation megaGAMERZ 3L33T, transdimensional romp Scenes From A Multiverse and the sole heir to the Dole seedless banana patent fortune.

Today Rosenberg lives with his wife and children in Westchester, NY. There is a small window in his office where he can watch the sky. You can see more of Rosenberg’s work at


Westchester, NY, USA

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My name is Jon Rosenberg. I'm the award-winning creator of the Scenes From A Multiverse and Goats webcomics. Please help me to make more comics! By becoming a patron, you'll help offset the business and living costs of me, the cartoonist. That means more comics for you!
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