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A cat-lady Trekkie pizza-lover trying to do as Beyonce would.

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I'm going to Europe to take pictures and no one can stop me.


Katie West is a photographer, teacher, writer, feminist, cat lady, and trekkie from Toronto, Canada. She is usually inappropriate, but in an admirable way.


Toronto, ON, Canada

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What do you do?
I take naked pictures of myself and post them on the internet.

What? Why would you do that?
This is how I express myself. Some people write, some people paint, some people write songs, some people cook, some people are fashionable: I take pictures of myself. It's how I document, explore, and deal with stuff. I have enjoyed the process of documenting my life through self-portraiture for over a decade. Exploring the way my body fits into this world has been a learning experience that has allowed me to grow in many ways. Over the years I've found that I've been able to be a resource for other people hoping to explore similarly positive and challenging relationships with their bodies and the societies outside of them. I want to encourage people to be comfortable in their own skin and do whatever they have to to make this possible. This hope has most often manifested in me sharing my own experiences with my body and what I do to love it; either as naked photos on the internet, or writing essays on giving no fucks.
I like creating connections with people, even if those connections are simply the acknowledgement of a shared experience or the recognition of a shared sentiment. The internet is for connection and sharing (and cats). I want to continue to encourage this connection.

So what do you want from me?
I would really like it if you helped me to continue to be an honest, body-positive, sex-positive, pizza-positive creator. 
I have recently embarked on a 365 Project where I will take and post a picture of myself every day for an entire year. I realize everyone on the internet and their grandma has already done this at some point, but I just turned 30, I'm at a weird turning point in many ways, and I wanted to both document and explore my life as it is right now. I'm hoping that as this year continues I learn a lot about photography, myself, and you too. 
All support that comes to me through Patreon will be put back into helping me with this project. This could mean anything from helping to pay for gas to drive to a cool location to helping me to purchase a new lens. It could also mean helping me develop film or purchasing one of my oft-needed camera remotes! 

That all sounds legit, Katie. But if I become a patron, will you address me in all correspondence as "Esteemed Patron of the Arts" and can I wear ruffled shirts and fancy hats?

Wait. If you post a photo a day, am I pledging per image? That's a lot!
Because I am creating so much content, I've opted to go for monthly pledge amounts. This means that every month I will be creating around 30 images and you will give the same regardless.

If I decide to become an Esteemed Patron of Your Art, what's in it for me?
So glad you asked! In addition to being a wonderful person to whom I am eternally grateful, all my patrons will get access to a patrons-only stream that will have back stories on my daily photos along with outtakes from each day. There are also different reward levels that can get you anything from videos, to high-quality prints, to photos of my cats, to hand-written love letters.
(I'll still be posting my 365 Project on Tumblr for free, so if you can't become a patron, you won't be missing out on any daily content.)

Thank you very much for being badass.
Katie West!

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