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The best way to kick adversity squarely in the face is to spread a smile!

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Milestone Goals
$33 per Song or Video
I will buy - and read - the latest Amanda Palmer book and hopefully get something out of it.
$79 per Song or Video
Thank YOU!  Heading over to Ableton Live's website to download some new drum packs for the studio!
$135 per Song or Video
Reaching this goal allows us to go full PRO at Soundcloud!
$333 per Song or Video
I record another EXCLUSIVE Patreon-only track
$777 per Song or Video
If you didn't know it before, I'm also an oil painter.  I am going to pick one patron at random and work with them to create a large oil painting, which I will then have professionally framed and sent to them along with "providence" in the form of video to the patron.
$1,229 per Song or Video
We will work with Discmakers to produce a physical CD 6-panel Digipak with the faces of our patrons on it!
$2,222 per Song or Video
I am going to create a 27" X 40" large signed movie poster plastered with the faces of our patrons on it!
$3,333 per Song or Video
Going somewhere with the GoPro, maybe somewhere... haunted?
$5,000 per Song or Video
We pull video and photography professionals into Plague, EMPLOY and pay them, and up our game.
We make the BLIND see...the fnords. Heavens NO!
$33,333,333 per Song or Video
"Do not SEE the FNORDS!  If you do not see the FNORDS then they cannot eat you!"


Artist, Graphic Designer, Musician (Ableton Live), 3D Modeling and Animation (Carrara 7.0) Marine (Honorably Discharged), Acromegaly Survivor, the Geek in Plague of Smiles.


Marlin, TX 76661, USA

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Hey, some applause for that (cue cards and all, my brother Mike did a great job in the video, yes?)!  

What IS Patreon?  It is a place for you to support artists, musicians, and creative types in exchange for exclusive rewards, closer contact & communication, and special deals.  Think of it as a digital tip jar that gives fans the ability to make recurring payments to content creators.  Your involvement here on Patreon has a tremendous impact in the lives of artists, going so far as to set them free to work full time creating great things for you!

My story  begins in the early 90’s. Living in beautiful Savannah, Georgia, going to school at S.C.A.D., I was busy falling in love. Then things went bad and for many, many years I had not a clue what was going on. Truth arrived many years later (in 2006), when the answer to my questions popped up on an MRI . Unbeknownst to me, a rare brain tumor was growing inside my head, putting pressure on my brain, and making me see and hear all manner of things. That tumor (medical term; acromegaly) cost me my friends, my peace of mind, my health, years and years of time, and set me back so far that at one point I was homeless on the streets of San Diego. 

With help from the VA, I underwent brain surgery in 2008, then gamma radiation in 2010. You may call me a living train wreck! In the end, I am left at a severe disadvantage in comparison to my fellow artists and musicians, but grateful and eager to show you, as a survivor, what mojo remains!

Why Ken?  Why do you bother to create art and music?

The musicians and artists that I grew up with and that inspired me to create art and music… also had a hand in killing Rock-N-Roll.   “Jumping the Shark” is the popular term that describes exactly what I’m talking about. They came, they conquered, they cooked on stage, they made their mark, and then they repeated that formula over and over and over for years on end. Today’s art and music scene? It’s an overcooked joke. Seen that, done that.  Like many of you, I'm tired of the old ways, the old attitudes, and a broken business model that no longer works as it did. I want something fresh and new. I want something more personal. I want something with variety. I want art and music to be more intwined.  Creators should be more involved with their works than they've been in the past.

I create the things I do in Plague of Smiles because no one else is doing exactly what I’m doing, the way that I’m doing it. I create things for myself first, to impress myself and make me go, “WOW, that is amazing, if I do say so myself.” Yes, I have a niche and I feel alive creating this stuff. I’d like to think that other people, who take the time to delve into what Plague is doing, will also come away with this same feeling and may feel inspired to take things to an entirely new level. And when that feeling for me disappears then my involvement with Plague will also disappear. I will pass the pick to the next musician and be invisible.

Behind the scenes, Ken D. Webber and Plague of Smiles are busy doing plague-y stuff (“Polish those skulls bitches!” – CRACK! sound of a whip slicing through the air ) and we're preparing to make the BLIND see ...the fnords. Do not see the fnords... which is always an admirable goal, yes?!

"If you do not see the FNORDS, then they cannot eat you!" --- Quote from The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson

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How often do I post new things?

My goal is one new song a month.  Videos, a few times a year. It is my promise to you that I won't abuse your patronage by rushing out cheap songs.  I prefer quality over quantity.  But you have nothing to worry about because Patreon allows you to cap your pledge so you'll never go past your budget and you may cancel at any time!

What about Audio and Video Publishing Rights and Licensing fees?

Yes, we have them available and at better rates than Harry Fox.  This is for "Youtubers" as well as Professionals.  Read HERE.


Final word here, no matter how many times any of you get knocked down... get up off the table and do it AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN until your dream becomes real!  This is my dream and much love and beauty to every one of you that are making it real.  THANK YOU!

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