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Once I'm able, I'm going to start printing awesome coffee-table type books with favorite Kimchi comics and make them available for purchase!  I need money to start off with for initial printing costs, etc.
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Once I'm able to travel with a bunch of merch, I'm going to come visit you at conventions!  I might even make a speech in your town or something!  WOOOO


Kimchi Cuddles is a webcomic about polyamory and queer stuff in general.


Black Mountain, NC 28711, USA

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Hey there!  I make a webcomic called KIMCHI CUDDLES, which delves deep into relationship issues surrounding poly, queer, and genderqueer folks.  I also run a weekly relationship advice column in the form of a comic, and have started answering flow-over questions in youtube videos.  I make comics daily and am a stereotypical starving artist.  Help me keep Kimchi going by pledging!  Even a dollar a month is helpful!

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