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Elements out May 6th!

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My First Song Revealed
$3,000 per video
I will make a patron-only video of me talking about and playing the first song I ever wrote. (I regret this already)


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Hello and welcome to my Patreon page!
Take a gander and check out all the perks I have in store for my patrons
and where all the money will be going :)
Be sure to watch the video above for details!


$1/video - Patron-only Activity feed

You gain access to my patron-only activity feed where you'll receive exclusive behind-the-scenes content and be the first to hear about tour dates and other exciting announcements.

$2/video - Surprise MP3s

I will send you a surprise MP3 every other month. It could be anything from an unreleased song, to an acoustic performance, to an iPhone recording of a song idea, to who knows what. 

$5/video - Group Webcast

A monthly webcast! We'll do a Q&A and I'll update you on any new projects. Since I want to get to know you all, too, I will be randomly inviting a few patrons to ask their question live on video each month. Plus all rewards above!

$10/video Patron-only Mailbox
Access to my patron-only mail box where you can send ideas, requests and questions. Once a month I select a few of these at random and address them in a patron-only video. Plus all rewards above!

$25/video Universal Meet & Greet and Show Passes

Free admission for you and a guest to any Kina concert *, meet & greet passes for two, and a private webcast every other month with your fellow top patrons and myself for as long as you are a patron. Plus everything above! If you select this reward and pledge $30+ you will be included in my thank you credits at the end of my videos as well!

*Details and qualifications outlined below in reward boxes 

$30/video Gold Level Patron

Patrons at this level will receive everything above (*except* for Universal Meet & Greet and Show Passes) as well as inclusion in a special thank you section at the end of all Patreon supported videos.   



In addition to my usual YouTube videos I would LOVE to be able to make official music videos for every song on the new album Elements. Unfortunately, music videos are super expensive, but with your help, I'll be able to make them as great as possible.

I'll be doing a lot of touring this year and I want to make it the best possible experience for you! In order to do this, I'd love to tour with a band (…and a band = $$).

15% of all my Patreon earnings will go to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society on behalf of Run Team Kina. This will go towards things like cancer research, patient services, and hopefully, someday, a cure. This is a cause that has been very near to my heart since my mother was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer called Polycythemia Vera when I was in high school. She is, by the way, doing really well :)

The lovely people of Patreon have decided to offer a $1 donation to LLS
for every patron that signs up in the 1st month!

Have a question? 

Pledge $25.00 or more per video

34 patrons (Limited 1 of 35 left)
Free admission for you and a guest to any Kina concert* as long as you are a patron, meet & greet passes, and a private webcast every other month with your fellow top patrons and myself. Plus everything above!

*Details and qualifications:
- Patrons must have a minimum of 2 months of patronage with no monthly caps lower than $50 to qualify for free tickets/meet and greet access. (Note: If Kina posts less than 2 videos in given month resulting in a lower pledge amount that month, your eligibility will not be affected) 
- Patrons will have a 1 week window after onsale to reserve their tickets after which tickets will no longer be held
- Once a show is sold out, patrons will no longer be able to claim this reward due to venue capacity regulations
- Patronage will give you access to the show (General Admission seats or tier one seats in the case of reserved seating) and meet and greet (at a comparable level to any paid meet and greet available to the general public). Note that there may be additional levels of meet and greets to some shows, in which case patrons will be given the option of upgrading (for the difference in price)
- There is no limit to the number of shows you can attend
- Tickets are non-transferable. Patron's name will be placed on the guest list +1
- Offer expires if you cancel or downgrade to a lower level of patronage
- Patrons at this level who opt to pledge $30 or more per video, with a cap no lower than $60/month, will be included in Kina's thank you credits at the end of her videos. If you would like to pledge $30 or more at this level but would prefer to remain anonymous, please let Kina know.
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