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Philosophy, skepticism, science, issues, faith and lack of it - talking to people who matter.

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A former Philosophy teacher turned podcaster and writer - interviewing interesting people around the world.


Perth WA, Australia

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I've been creating podcasts and the occasional video since around 2008 - usually I interview people around the world on science, skepticism, philosophy, feminism - anything that piques my interest! You can see some of my work on the Skeptical Inquirer website and in the book The Scope of Skepticism.

I've interviewed dozens of people over the years, including:
On Tim Minchin – Review Of Perth Tim Minchin vs WASO Performance and Interview
On Bad Pharma And AllTrials.Net – Interview With Dr Ben Goldacre
On Women In Science And Wikipedia – Interview With Professor Uta Frith
On Atheist Books 101 With Embiggen Books
On Bad Books And Infinite Monkey Cages – Interview With Robin Ince
On The Sex Myth – Interview With Dr Brooke Magnanti
On Magic and Psychology – Interview with Anthony Barnhart

After studying radio broadcasting for a year and learning more about editing and improving audio quality, I've decided to consolidate my work in a place that will encourage me to improve and develop those skills. 

The podcasts range from 20-50 minutes, with interviews recorded, mixed and edited for clarity. They're released on iTunes, SoundCloud and on the Token Skeptic website - all of which can be streamed or downloaded. They're available via a Creative Commons license (BY-ND-NC 3.0), which lets anyone distribute or host any episode unchanged. I'm hoping to become more self-sufficient with producing the show, as well as funding travel to visit conferences and events to record interviews in person.

Some wonderful people have been incredibly supportive over the years and Patreon looks like a great way to build on that, particularly since skeptics and atheists are very encouraging communities. Improving the quality, finding new angles and expanding the show can be done with your help.

I'm aiming for one podcast a fortnight to start with and will be delving into the back catalogue to improve my earlier work and create radio-quality styled broadcasts, involving investigations on a number of topics. I plan to include transcripts, the occasional video and behind-the-scenes goodies - one book has been written and I plan to write more!
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