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$1,500 per month
my devs are fed, you’ve helped with flights and accommodations, and I’m able to offer my full services to a game who could not afford to attend themselves. You will be helping a new developer pay me for doing my job outside of the convention as well as during it.  This means I will be working, doing what I do for studios who can pay me, for a game that otherwise cannot afford a marketing budget.  The game will be chosen by me.
The Crazy Dream
$2,200 per month
my devs are fed, you’ve helped with flights and accommodations, I'm working for a dev who would otherwise not be able to pay me...this means I can work with developers to try to help them come to conventions. Anything I can compensate I will. Business cards, equipment rentals, travel cost - we will work together to find the best use of our combined funding.  The team will be chosen by me.


Maya/Felix is a game developer, events coordinator, and freelance PR consultant living in Vancouver, BC. They have a passion for community and games that bring people together through shared experience. They spend most of their time attending conventions, organizing events, and working to connect people in all aspects of the industry.


Vancouver, BC, Canada

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I work for independent game developers.  I refer to it as PR and production, because I do everything from contacting press about a game to helping teams with production timelines. Successful game development for me is about working directly and closely with a team to keep things organized.  Knowing deadlines, having realistic goals, and budgeting time is all essential to maintaining motivation and momentum while making a game.

While some of this can be done from home, a lot of what I do involves being on the road. I have attended many of the largest US game conventions, representing both critically acclaimed studios as well as those just starting out.  If you stopped by the Indie MEGABOOTH, attended Indiecade events, or visited the IGF at GDC this year, you may have seen me getting things done for games such as TowerFallLuftrausers, and FRACT OSC.  I’m known, trusted, and approachable.

The games that need the most help at conventions are often the games that are the least known.  And while I do get paid, my income is currently being recycled back into bringing these games to events.  I want to be able to do both - get paid AND help developers making gorgeous new games in any way I can.


The money made on this Patreon will help me in my continuation of this crazy life.  Every event I attend strengthens my connections with the people who make PR happen - press, publishers, personalities, other devs.  The more I can pay my own way to events, the less the devs who cannot offer me compensation have to worry.  They can shift focus onto themselves and joining me at events.

Every event I attend costs me ~1000$ personally - flights, hotels, food, and TIME - and anything this patreon can offer will help me with that cost, benefitting the games I bring with me. 


Regardless of what this Patreon earns, I will create content on what my process is for bringing a game to a convention.  As I travel to events, I will interview people from all over the industry to have them impart their wisdom on the subject of PR and promotions!  In addition, after events I will write a postmortem of my experience and what I've learned.

The first of these will occur at PAX Prime.  My list of devs ready to partake in the update videos is growing:

So you can expect some great words of wisdom!


In 2014 I attended:
  • January - Steam Dev Days (Seattle, WA)
  • March - GDC (San Francisco, CA) 
  • April - PAX East (Boston, MA) 
  • June - E3 (Los Angeles, CA) 
  • July - EVO (Las Vegas, NV) 

My convention goals for the rest of the year:
  • August - Gen Con (Indianapolis, IN), PAX Prime (Seattle, WA), Full Indie Summit (Vancouver, BC)
  • September - Fantastic Arcade (Austin, TX) 
  • October/November - Indiecade (Los Angeles, CA), GameCity (Nottingham, UK)
  • **UPDATE** December - PSX (Vegas, NV) 
  • **UPDATE** January - MAGFest!!! 
  • **UPDATE** February - Indiecade East


smooches and snuggles,

Maya Felix Kramer

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