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Joy shall be our defiance, our beauty, our song.

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per finished piece of art, prose, or poetry
per finished piece of art, prose, or poetry
Milestone Goals
Fantastical abecedary!
$50 per finished piece of art, prose, or poetry
I will do an illustrated abecedary (Latin alphabet) and post one letter along with each finished work. Patrons are free to prompt/request letters so that I do them first, and request elements (crocodiles? KRAKEN?) to be included in the illustrations with their respective letter.
Suddenly, a comic
$100 per finished piece of art, prose, or poetry
I am not a comic artist. I've always wanted to be one, though! (Among many other things.) If this goal is met I will do an actualfax comic, one page to be posted along with each finished work, and you will be at leisure to be shocked and amused at how terrible (and naively ambitious) I am at it. I will have fun though, I'm sure -- I hope you will too.
Growing a gallery of stories
$250 per finished piece of art, prose, or poetry
If I reach this goal, every paid illustration will come with a little story -- and every paid story will come with an illustration! I think more and more my illustrations and stories are becoming intertwined -- which makes a lot of sense. After all, they are both art.

The illustrations and their accompanying stories will be archived on my site, as a visual and verbal gallery of delights free for browsing whenever you may please.


Continuing in hope is an act of revolution.

Art: Likhain. Writing: Awitin Mo.


Victoria, Australia
Metro Manila, Philippines

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I'm a queer Filipina artist who recently immigrated to Australia for True Love. My heart lives halfway between the Philippines – the land of my birth and the beat of my blood, pugad ng luha ko't dalita – and Australia, a place whose song I am only just learning, where I am just beginning to put down roots.

My work is drawn from my experiences: the struggle to reclaim a heritage and history from the ashes of a colonial past, the perpetual battle for an identity that hatred would mark for annihilation. I believe art in all its forms is a form of defiance against oppression – as is joy, as is survival. I do art in the spirit of this defiant joy; I do art as a song sung in anger and hope and love and solidarity with the constant strivings of the underrepresented, the marginalized, the disenfranchised. I believe as we reclaim our art and our culture we will have more capacity to move forward. That looking back into the past helps us to look to the future with more freedom, so that we may learn, ever more, where we came from and who we are– and choose who we want to be.

My favorite themes: fairy tales, monsters, and fantastic excesses; revolution and decolonization; reclamation of heritage and history and present; identity and the various retellings thereof; the fantastical as everyday and vice versa; and immigration, economics, and language.

I am currently working on a series of illustrations, poems and stories that seek to re-examine, re-invent, and reclaim Philippine mythology and folklore, the tales we tell each other about ourselves – for instance: the manananggal as a symbol of justice and recompense, the story of the Adarna as a tale of two women struggling to resolve the dichotomy between monster and human while striving towards their own kind of freedom. I also have a project to develop baybayin, an indigenous writing system, in several calligraphic scripts and styles.

Your support will enable me to do art and still support my family. As an immigrant and the sole income-earner of my family it's not easy to find space and time for stories and illustrations when one is worrying about making the rent. With your support I'll be able to make rent, buy much-needed art supplies, and devote enough energy and time to continue writing, continue drawing, continue scribing. Continue singing.

Note on "finished work" frequency: Right now I'm looking at around two to four finished pieces of art a month: a complete illustration, a finished short story, etc. This is an optimistic estimate – in the past months I've struggled to make it to even one finished piece. If you'd like to ensure that your pledge stays within the limit you're comfortable with, there is an option to cap it in your settings :) If you have any questions about how I'm running my Patreon, please do feel free to contact me!
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