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I have an addiction to maps.

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per old school maps!
Milestone Goals
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Mailing Maps and tech upgrade
$75 per old school maps!
At this level I will be able to purchase a new computer equipment to help me produce my maps. One patron per month will be selected to receive the original physical map, mailed directly to them!
College bills
$100 per old school maps!
Wowza! I would be able to provide my daughter with more money to help her with her college bills....whew, college is expensive! My wife would never question my hobby again and she would allow me to dedicate more time for me to make better maps (not make me go shopping with her).


I am currently a US Soldier but an Old School gamer at heart with an eye towards cartography. I've been making maps, worlds, and people for the worlds I ran games in since I was twelve.
My blog, has been my repository of my creative endeavors for over three years. I regularly post maps and general content for gamers to use.


Peoria, IL, USA

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My name is Matt Jackson and I'm a long-time gamer who has been making maps for well over three decades. About two years ago I started making old school, pen and paper style maps like many of us older gamers remember from our youth. I now have a daughter in college and therefore money is much tighter this year. I prefer to share my maps with the world for free on my blog and a friend suggested I give Patreon a shot to help me cover costs and buy materials.

So I'm starting this campaign as a way to ask for your help. I believe that with your support I can continue creating maps free for everyone and also reward those of you who contribute with some great rewards! Please consider contributing a little per map that I upload to my blog. I plan on releasing roughly four to eight per month, likely closer to four.

Every dollar that is contributed via Patreon will be used towards the production of new maps (nicer paper, stocking me with pencils and pens, Mountain Dew, snacks, help pay bills so I can focus on more maps, etc). As all maps produced for Patreon will be released for free on my blog Lapsus Calumni (maps are always free to view and for personal use) you do not have to support me but I certainly appreciate it if you do. For a quick look at some of the maps I made posted to my blog in the past: click here and here as well.

This is your chance to show you enjoy what I am doing and giving you the chance to have some influence on the maps I make. My goal is to release one new map a week, drawn, scanned, cleaned up and posted on my blog. These maps will always be free on the blog. If I produce more than two maps per week these will be posted to blog as additional maps and not 'official content' through Patreon, but your patronage will help support those efforts indirectly.

HOW MANY MAPS WILL YOU UPLOAD PER MONTH? I plan on releasing four to eight original maps a month. However, it is possible I could produce less, or even more. Do not worry because you can set a monthly maximum when you sign up so that you only contribute what you can afford!
I DON'T HAVE MUCH MONEY, CAN I STILL BECOME A PATRON? Yes, please only sign up to donate what you can easily afford. Even $1 per map I upload will make a difference and would be greatly appreciated. :)
CAN I STOP DONATING IN THE FUTURE IF I CANNOT AFFORD IT? Yes of course! If you can't afford to donate in the future, or you need to donate less that's absolutely fine. You can just log in to change or cancel the account whenever you want.
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